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Crystal Run doctors, ORMC or St.Anthonys?

I know this question has been asked before but Im hoping for some new input.  can you tell me your experiences with the doctors that deliver at ORMC and those that deliver at St. Anthonys? Im debating between going to the newer hospital that has 10 OBGYNs or the older smaller hospital that has 4.  Also ORMC is closer.  I don't know how much I am going to care if at the time if the OB I see through out my pregnancy is not the one on the day of the delivery.  side note: someone referred me to Dr. Jouve at the Middletown community health center which has like 15 locations but it seems to me more like a clinic? which makes me nervous.  Any input would be appreciated.  Thank you.

Re: Crystal Run doctors, ORMC or St.Anthonys?

  • I delivered to ormc and loved it. I was admitted on Monday with preeclampsia and didn't deliver till wed night (induction didn't work so I had a csection). During that time I had 3 diff drs from crystal run. The dr who delivered my son was my least favorite dr but I wound up loving her in the end. I know not knowing who your dr could be can be quite scary but honestly the nurses were amazing there and not once was i concerned. I wound up being there from Monday to Saturday and every nurse was great, some nurses from the delivery side actually came over to the mommy baby side to check and see how I was doing. Unfortunately we were back at the hospital on Sunday bc my sons jaundice levels went up but even the nurses in pediatrics were amazing. I'm pregnant again but recently moved to rockland county so I will not be going to ormc and I can honestly say I'm disappointed I won't be (my husband keeps trying to talk me into going back there lol).
  • thank you this is great feedback!  I think I am leaning toward ORMC
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