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Going on 4...


I'm at a complete loss as what to do anymore about this potty training. I have tried EVERYTHING I can think of. We have done stickers, charts, candy, prizes. I've gotten on to her when she went in her pulls ups, I've completely ignored the fact that she does it and just praise her when she doesn't go in them. She knows how to go on the big potty. Some days she will go all day keeping them dry, the next day she is going through 2-3 pull ups.

What next?!

Re: Going on 4...

  • Why are you using pull-ups? Pull-ups are still diapers so it's natural to want to use them like one. Have you tried going with underwear or even just pants for a time?

    Both of my kids went straight to underwear (pull-ups are reserved for bedtime until ready). It means more laundry in the beginning but I think it helps it to click for them faster.

    Have you tried talking to her about it? At almost 4 she should be able to understand what going to the potty entails. And able to verbalize why she isn't going. Also, it's much better to use positive reinforcement to encourage using the potty. Negative reinforcement is not an affective way to potty train.
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