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Pregnant after IVF / OB doctor suggestions?

Positive result after IVF from UCSD Dr. Garzo. 
So excited its been a long wait

but anybody here have a OB they can suggest?

Not sure if I need a DR who specializes in pregnancy after IVF (if thats even a thing), I plan to ask our infertility doctors too.  

Thanks! xx

Re: Pregnant after IVF / OB doctor suggestions?

  • I too am pregnant following IVF!  We are relocating to SD in the coming months and I'm looking for a doctor too so please keep me posted!
  • Hi there! I'm from SD. I am due in 8 weeks and switched from an RE to an OBGYN in my RE same practice group. I see Dr. Heather Gunnarson out of IGO Medical Group in La Jolla. I absolutely love her. Delivering at Scripps La Jolla, which was also a great experience with DD.....
    Me: 38     DH: 36
    Married: July 21, 2013
    TTC#1 (between us): June/July 2013

    DX: MFI (low count and motility)
    Charting/OPK/CBFM July 2013-present
    1st RE Visit: January 2014
    March 2014- 75iu follistim + trigger + progesterone + IUI = BFN and OHSS
    (8 million post wash 47% motility, 18mm/17mm/16mm/16mm/14mm follies)
    April/May 2014- Benched due to cysts/enlarged ovaries
    June 2014- 50iu follistim + trigger + progesterone + IUI = BFP!!
    (10 million post wash 60% motility, 20mm/19mm follies)
    Beta 1- 85 Beta 2- 2,752 - EDD 2/27/2015

    Everyone welcome. Strength in numbers!

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  • A great resource is and use the doctor finder feature. You can search and review all affiliated MD's and view their profiles, pictures, videos and patient reviews.
  • I did IVF in Los Angeles as that was where we were living. But now I am here in SD! I am due in June and have decided to deliver at Sharp Mary Birch. My OB office is right there and so far I really like them. I had my US at the Sharp outpatient pavilion, I called and had an appointment 3 days after and they were so fast. I think we sat in the waiting room for maybe two minutes. Congrats to everyone!
  • I'm meeting with Dr. Friedman at Reproductive Partners next week - getting excited!

    My OB is Dr. Daniela Meshkat at West Coast Obgyn. Delivery would be at Sharp Mary Birch.
    Me: 37 / Hubs: 42
    TTC: April 2013
    DOR: AMH .3 - 1.31 (it varies); FSH: 5.1
    Clinic NMCSD
    IUI #1 July/Aug 2016
    IVF #1 Sep/Oct Microdose Lupron Protocol - IVF cancelled only 1 follicle
    IVF #2 Feb/Mar Antagonist protocol w/estrogen priming - 0 eggs retrieved (empty follicle syndrome) 
    Donor Egg Cycle as soon as we find a match
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