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Pumping nothing but blood

Sat down to pump tonight like usual and pumped nothing but blood from the right breast. Called the doctor and she said probably a burst blood vessel. I am not to pump that side at all and have to get an ultrasound in the morning. She said it could be difficult to recover supply afterward. I am going to continue to pump the left side. I have a freezer full of milk put aside and I was thinking of weaning soon so I am prepared for it to stop suddenly. I just didn't want it to end this way. I am so upset. 

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  • Yikes, I'm sorry you are going through this and I hope you heal up quickly and that you aren't in pain.  You can definitely still nurse from just one side, if you are unable to breastfeed from the other side.  Your supply can likely adjust on the good side to make enough milk.

    How old is baby?
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  • He will be four months old on Friday.
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    Ok, that's good, so your supply is good and established by now.  If you can't continue breastfeeding from the injured side, you have a great chance of a successful bf relationship using just the other side.  Just be sure to nurse/pump on that side every time and within a few days your body will get the message to ramp up production on that side.  I know there are other moms on this board who've successsfully nursed one sided.  Good luck!

    Edit to add: You may need to supplement with some of your freezer stash to keep baby satisfied for a few days, but just be sure to pump every time you give baby the supplement bottle, so that your body gets the message that it needs to make more milk, more often.
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  • My doctor thought it was a polyp inside the nipple. I have had no more bleeding, but have to get an ultrasound. My only trouble since than has been a duct in my right breast keeps clogging no matter what I do.

    Yes, it was just blood. I know what milk and blood look like together. Milk only started coming out after I got the blood out.

     As for stopping nursing, I have a month of milk in storage and am going to slowly begin the process because this is just another problem in a long line of issues I have had with my breasts since beginning. I only meant to go for 6 months anyway. Thanks for all the helpful tips though ladies. I love these boards.
  • I'm sorry you are going through this and are upset.
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