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Bracelet rattles? Anyone hear of these?

I need some cute new toys. Anyone use these bracelet rattles, any good?

Re: Bracelet rattles? Anyone hear of these?

  • My dd has some (not exactly this pair but same thing) and loves them! She swings her arm around and watches where the noise is coming from
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    My son has an old hand me down one and at first it made him mad that it was stuck on him, but now loves it. Lol he does the same thing. Moves it around to see where the sound is coming from.
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  • My daughter has those and also loves them! She try's to suck on the flower petals all the time now! I also put them on her ankles to change it up a bit.
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  • I never thought of ankles, that's a great idea. LO always grabs at her feet. I just ordered them. Thanks
  • Target has a great pair of foot rattles in the Christmas section.  My 3 month old loves them.  I haven't been able to interest him in his wrist rattles yet, though.
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  • I will have to try out putting them on the ankles as well. When I put them on his wrists, Linus just looks disgusted at the rattles like, "What the hell are you, puffy noisy thing?"




  • We have ankle ones LO loves them. Very into their feet right now.
  • I have two pairs for our twins and they are so fun.  They don't quite get the concept yet - when I put the rattles on their wrists, they keep their arms still for a few minutes, but I think they will slowly get the hang of it! They are Infantino brand, maybe? My BIL got them for the kiddos for Christmas and I think he said Toys R Us had them? 
  • My MIL picked some of the Infantino ones up at Marshall's for our LO, and he loves them on both his wrists and ankles. They are little safari animals. He kicks like crazy and laughs when they're on his ankles!

  • My LO loves them! They definitely help learn hand-eye coordination
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