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My 1 year old son has had an ear infection now for 3 weeks and he is on his 3rd medication. He also is throwing up a lot after drinking his milk.
I have heard that this could be an allergy to the milk he is drinking. Has anyone heard of this or has any suggestions as to what I should do?

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  • It wouldn't hurt to switch to nondairy milk for a week or two and see if it helps. Lactose intolerance can start to rear its ugly head around this age, even if he hasn't shown signs before.
  • No allergy testing yet.
    I've been to the ped. 3 times now. Each time just getting a new prescription. I'm actually very unhappy with them at this point.
    Now his stomach feels all blotted like a balloon.
    Time for a 2nd opinion?

  • Time for a 2nd opinion?

    Sounds like it. No advice here, but hopefully you can find another Pedi who is more helpful!
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  • Agree with switching to see if there are changes.  Make sure you give it enough time though.  Takes a little while to process. 

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  • Thanks everyone. I have switched to lactose free milk now and so far he has kept it down. Here's hoping we ate headed in the right direction!
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