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Pregnancy Separation

Hello all!
Just found out today that I will have the option of separating from the Army now that I am pregnant. I am in the Army Reserve and 14 weeks pregnant. 
I would like to know as much as possible prior to going into my counseling for the pregnancy so I can make a good decision!
While I am pretty over being the Army (lots of command issues that just make it completely miserable now), I re-enlisted last year and received a bonus. If I separate under Chapter 8, do I have to repay the bonus? I know that shouldn't be a deciding factor, but it is. Financially, repaying the bonus would be rough right now. 
Thanks for any insight! 

Re: Pregnancy Separation

  • As far as I know you will have to pay back a percent of the bonus. For example if you received $10,000 for a 6 year enlistment and only served 3 years you will pay half of it back because you only served half of the time you were paid for. I would personally ask your finance office just to make sure but I know that's how it works in the Air Force.

    Also, it is most definitely a deciding factor. At least it would be for me!! :) 

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  • We can also understand it being a deciding factor!! It would be for me to.

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