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Thoughts on the name Callisa?

Hello Ladies,

   I am 20 weeks pregnant with mono di twin girls. I have had the hardest time finding a name that I really love. My fiance is set on the name Melanie Rose for one of our girls. I am going back and for on names. I reallly like the name Amelia but with all the negative comments from family and what not it has me second guessing the name.  I would like to know your thoughts on the name Callisa, it is a spin on the name Calista.    Thank you all in advance I look forward to hearing what you have to say.

Re: Thoughts on the name Callisa?

  • I'd much prefer Calista or Alissa. Calissa sounds like a smoosh between the two.

    Melanie Rose is so pretty!


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  • Melanie Rose is lovely.

    Go with Callista, or what about Larissa?  That's my favorite of the "issa" names.


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  • Calista is lovely, not a fan of Callisa.
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  • Thank you all for your in put.  By the way Calissa is a "real name" .
  • I went to high school with a Calissa so I think it is fine
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    If you love the name Calissa then go for it.! It's your baby to name and although it isn't something I would use it does sound pretty. You and you DH are the only opinions that matter. When I originally post the list of names I liked & ask which people liked best I felt attacked. So with my next post I simply asked for suggestions rather than putting names out there that I love regardless of others opinions. @SweetRuca‌
  • Callisa is actually a real Russian name, not made up at all. Thats my cousins name, but they spelled it Kalisa
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    Amelia is one of my favorite names but I'm not sure about it with Melanie. I also love Calista over Calissa and think it goes well with Melanie.
  • Calista means "most beautiful" why would you want to change it? If the name Calista isn't the one, than you should start the search again and find something that you really love that you didn't have to stretch and alter.
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  • I just don't care for Calissa. I don't love Calista either but it's better IMHO.

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  • What about Clarissa?
  • My niece is named Kalissa, and we call her Kali. Suits her well! I think it looks better spelled with a K, but that's moreso because of my association with the name
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