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Anxiety about supplementing formula

Due to working full time, I have been struggling to pump enough milk to EBF. My son is 7 months and I am going to give him some Similac while I am home over the next few days to see how he does. I am looking for tips, advice, any suggestions to make this transition Easier. I still plan to BF as often as I can when I am home. Is it ok to mix BM and formula in one bottle? I am pretty emotional about this today.
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Re: Anxiety about supplementing formula

  • It is okay to mix, but you really don't seem like your okay with this. Is there a reason you can't pump when he goes down for the night to get the extra ounces?

    You won't get much at first, but stick with it and pump for 20-25 minutes even if nothing comes out. Eventually your boobs will get the message you need more milk, and you can top the bottles off with that.
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  • I am dealing with this now too with my 7 month old. My baby has milk protein intolerance so we tried soy formula and so far so good (have used it for the past 4 days). We just gave him straight formula and he has been taking it fine. I have been having some post partum anxiety/depression issues lately and the pumping and getting enough milk to avoid supplementing was just one more source of stress. I figure we have given our LO the best nutrition for this long and they will continue to get benefits from breastfeeding as long as you continue even if you supplement. It's ok to supplement, especially if it makes your life easier and takes some stress off you. Good luck!
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  • @babywinks‌ this sounds exactly like my situation. I am barely keeping up even with extra pumps and I am losing sleep and peace of mind as well. I ended up not giving formula last night. Not sure what to do but it comes down to feeding my baby. I will pump and provide what I can. I'm just worried how he will respond to formula. LO has a very sensitive tummy and we are having gas issues, etc. with the introduction of solids right now. Plus I am taking him to get his flu shot booster tomorrow, so I don't want to hit him with a triple whammy.
    First time mommy-to-be
    E.D.D. June 1, 2014

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