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LO is not having trouble falling asleep at night but we are dealing with so many wakeups. I feel that one of the wakeups is a legit need to eat. The rest I think are happening because either 1. He wakes and immediately rolls to tummy and gets mad or 2. He wakes on his tummy and gets mad. He has rolled tummy to back but not often and I have never seen him do it in his bed. I usually roll him over and give the paci. Sometimes this works, sometimes I have to rock him. He goes immediately back to sleep but it lasts 1-2 hrs until he rolls again. I am exhausted from all the broken sleep. I am tempted to get a sleep suit to prevent him from rolling but would it be better to just suck it up and ride out these new milestones falling into place? Also...with his helmet I feel like he needs to change position a lot more so that is a consideration. I have tried letting him fuss but it always turns into a full blown cry and I am not ok with leaving him longer than that at this point. Any thoughts?

Re: MOTN Solutions

  • Ugh siunds tiring! Have you tried a merlins Magic sleep suit? Eventually they will be able to roll over in it but might help in the meantime!
  • LO goes to bed around 8. We get home around 4-4:30. He usually only takes a cat nap at daycare so he is napping around 5. I had wondered about moving his bedtime earlier but 8 fits our family schedule really well. He is not really getting up for the day until between 7-8 so it is nearly a 12 hr block. I figured I would shoot for an earlier bedtime when he dropped that last nap, but maybe I am wrong.
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