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Keep, toss, add

I posted one of these back in October, but we have made some changes to our list and I would love your suggestions now that LO's due date is only a few weeks away.  We don't have any front-runners and would love additions if you can suggest any.  Thanks in advance!

Evelyn (nn Evie)
Audrey or Aubrey
Eloise (nn Ellie)

Miles (nn Milo)
Sullivan (nn Sully)

Re: Keep, toss, add

  • Audrey or Fiona for a girl
    Elliot or Miles for a boy.

    Sullivan nn Sully is a GP name for me, but I would save it for a dog probably.
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  • Audrey and Eloise are my favorite girls names.

    Sullivan is my favorite from the boys. Elliot is great too.
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  • benmel31benmel31
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    Keep: Evelyn, Audrey, Fiona 
    Add: Estelle, Lydia, Cora 

    Keep: Miles, Owen, Elliot 
    Add: Spencer, Evan, Calvin

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  • I love Audrey, Elliot & Owen! 
  • Eloise and Elliot are my top picks from your list. The only two I'd definitely toss are Sullivan and Aubrey
  • Fiona and Sullivan are my favorites!
  • Audrey and any of the boy names
  • Fiona and Elliot or Owen
  • 1. Eloise - we call ours Elsie
    2. Fiona
    3. Audrey

    1. Miles - Milo
    2. Sullivan 
    3. Owen

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