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Looking for fresh ideas - second thoughts on girl name

I'm due in 4 weeks with DD2. I've posted a few times recently (and appreciate the input!) but feel like I just need some fresh ideas. We were set on Juliet. Either Juliet Sara, Juliet Maren, Juliet Eliza, or Juliet Claire. Well, my older sister is named Julie and it just recently started bugging me and making me question the name. It's very likely that we will still use Juliet, as we haven't come across anything we like that much, but I need to make sure I can wrap my head around it. I love my sister, but I don't necessarily want to name our daughter after her. I hope that doesn't sound mean...I just like the name Juliet because of the name, not because it's similar to my sister's name. This is my only reservation with the name Juliet. I love love love it and so does my husband. 

So, looking for fresh ideas in case we decide we don't want a Juliet who also has an Aunt Julie. My mind just feels jumbled right now. DD1 is Lydia Reese. Our last name is one syllable and ends in S. Names we have liked, but none feel right: Eliza, Rosalie, Maren, and Nora. I'm looking for new suggestions besides those though. I prefer something not extremely popular, but still recognizable and easy to pronounce. Nothing trendy. Bonus points if it has 3 syllables. Also, no "L" names or "D" names (don't want two L siblings and our last name starts with D). Thanks so much!
DD1 June 2011
DD2 Due January 2015

Re: Looking for fresh ideas - second thoughts on girl name

  • Scarlett

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  • I love Juliet so much, and would still use it. My brother is named Noel, and we are considering Noelle as a mn. Not necessarily in honor of him. I also love Eliza and Rosalie, just not as much as Juliet. Maybe Violet for a somewhat similar feel? Or Genevieve. Evangeline, Emmanuelle?
    Thanks for the input. I do love Juliet so much. I like Violet too, but my husband doesn't. And I don't like it as much as Juliet. 
    DD1 June 2011
    DD2 Due January 2015
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  • I do love Juliet. My SIL is Julie, so I understand questioning using the name. 


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  • Juliet was on our last list and other names that I like and would/have considered are Audra, Eloise, Noelle, Maura, Natalie, Jocelyn….

    I really love Maren too.

  • Honestly, I think Juliet may be the name for you.
    Yeah it probably is. Especially since so far, while the suggestions are lovely, in my mind none of them hold a candle to Juliet. None of the names I've come across in the past few months do, in my opinion. Sometimes I hate being such an over-analyzing perfectionist. I think the closer I get to my due date, the more real it gets, and the more I panic! 
    DD1 June 2011
    DD2 Due January 2015
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  • Vanessa. Scarlett. Theresa. Penelope. Harriet. Beatrix. Yvonne. Rhiannon.
  • Samantha, Alexandra, Sabrina, Milena
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  • I love the name Juliet, however, I can see where you are coming from with it being close to your sister's name. My grandma has a Dutch first name, but when she moved to America, they wrote "Alice" on the paperwork for a name change. She goes by "Aly" (Auh-lee) all of the time. I absolutely LOVE the name Alice, but it had to be scratched off of our list. First, because I wouldn't be naming my child after my grandmother, as we aren't close and there are plenty of other relatives I would name my kids after before I name a kid after her. Second, because even if I am telling people that we just liked the name and she wasn't named after my grandma, my grandma (and most likely my mom) would still talk about how the baby is named after her. 

    If you think that something like that is going to be an issue with your sister and her niece being Juliet, I wouldn't use the name....or I would put Juliet in the middle name spot and pick something different for the first name. From your list that you already have, I think that Lydia and Rosalie sound cute together. 
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