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Frustrated BF

We've almost always supplemented with LO, around month 3 we hit a sweet spot and didn't have to but now it's getting to a point where I'm thinking of just calling it quits on BF. LO is so unbelievably hungry these days, waking up twice a night instead of STTN like he was. He's distracted, hits, kicks, is starting to bite, unlatches a million times then cries when he does. I just am at such a loss of what to do and I'm thinking of maybe doing EP if not just fully stopping. There's such guilt to it though. Any moms who have transitioned have any advise?

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  • I totally agree with above comment and changing where you nurse. My LO goes off and on the boob lots during nursing and I just try to wait for my let down and he usually calms but I do take his back the entire time to get him to relax. Don't forget your LO could be going through a sleep regression which could explain then wakenings. You could pump and add formula to the BM so LO is getting both and maybe it will get rid of the guilt you feel. When my LO bites I slightly flick his mouth and he looks at me and I tell him NO and it only happened 3 times. But do what you need to do to be happy and for LO to be happy. BF is so hard and I feel your pain.
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  • @lizziebennett‌ I am so jealous of how much you're able to pump! What is your pump schedule like? How often/ for how long?

  • Thank you !!! This may be the route for me

  • @lizziebennett‌ that's awesome. Don't you feel engorged going that long between pumps though? I bf at home and pump at work and get uncomfortable if I go more than 3-3 1/2 hrs between pumps. I try to pump three times in 8 hrs...even dropping to twice gives me plugged ducts and very uncomfortable boobs.

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