Weaning question: decrease in bottles, not breastfeeding, with increase in foods. — The Bump

Weaning question: decrease in bottles, not breastfeeding, with increase in foods.

I have a question re the weaning process: I know milk should be the baby's main source of nutrition until about 12 months. My LO is a few weeks shy of 11 months. Over the last 2 weeks she has been decreasing her usual 3 five ounce bottles per day while I work (about 10 hrs) to 2 bottles. Only on 1 day did she only have 1 bottle, but I chalked that up to being sick or teething pain (where she just wants to chew on the bottle nipple but not drink the bottle). But today she has only had 1 bottle, about 4 oz worth. I heard she's been happy today, not irritable, cranky, no teething pain. She has had more food over the past couple of days, but I chalked that up to the holidays, (all we do is sit down and eat at everyone's house allllll day). But back to work these past 2 days, she had 8 oz yesterday and 4 oz today (along with 3 oz yogurt, half a kiwi, and a ton for dinner: spinach, chicken, dirty rice, broccoli.. I know her Pedi said, at the 9 mo appt, this is when baby starts tot take less milk and more food, I just didn't expect it to happen over such a quick time period. 2 weeks!? FWIW she does seem to be nursing more frequently at night, multiple times from 1-6 am (we cosleep, so I'm not really sure how often exactly). But it's been like that for months now, even when she took 15 oz when I worked. Could she be reverse cycling? On my days off, she breastfeeds less than she used to 2 months ago, but not just on e per day. Also, wet diapers and poops remain about the same: 6 wets per day, 1 poop every other day. Thoughts?

Re: Weaning question: decrease in bottles, not breastfeeding, with increase in foods.

  • Thanks. When I'm off work we nurse on demand, so I'm not too worried about how much she drinks then. It's at least 5 times/24 hrs. She hasn't lost interest in nursing. Just lost interest in bottles. So I'm worried she'll just continue to take very little when I'm working. Thanks for the assurance this is normal.
  • I've also tried putting breastmilk in a cup. She's doesn't seem to take more than 1 sip. But she will take water in a cup.
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  • Totally normal, my LO did the same thing around the same time.  She was still very interested in plenty of nursing when we were together on weekends or other random days off but lost interest in her bottles and she became more interested in solid food.  It made the transition at 12 months from a bottle to a sippy at meals really easy because she didn't really have attachment to bottles at all.
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