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Sibling name help.

DH and I recently found out that we are expecting baby #3. NTNP but a surprise nonetheless. When pregnant with DS I fell in love with the name Anneliese - I know it is not a popular choice on this board and the reason why. :-)

 Currently I have Felicity Hope and John Isaac (goes by Isaac - compromise to naming him John Franklin IV)

which names do you like best -  

Girls - I would like to use Evelyn or Ellen as a middle name (family names)











Oh and I am definitely open to suggestions. TIA

Re: Sibling name help.

  • Amelia for a girl.  Love it.

    Juliana is OK, but I feel like I am hearing it a ton.  Hate Anneliese.

    Suggesting Natalie, Chloe, Ramona, Marlena and Matilda

    I like most of your boy names-- especially Owen, Lucas and Thomas.

    Suggesting Evan, Benjamin, David, Adam and Simon.



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  • My favorites are Amelia and Alexander
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  • Thanks ladies. I've also been stealing some names off of responses to other posts. @helenahhandbasket - I do like Matilda :)
  • I adore Anneliese and I probably always will! I don't think it pairs very well with Ellen or Evelyn though, so for that reason, I would choose Amelia Evelyn. And honestly, I really like all of your boy anmes!

  • Of your names, I prefer both Amelia and Julianna over Anneliese.  But I don't love either with your mn choices.  Of them, I would probably go with Amelia Ellen.  

    Charlotte, Georgia, Juliet, Mallory, Ruby 

    Great boy name list!  My personal favorites are Levi and Noah.  

    Andrew, Asher, Caleb, Marcus, Miles, Samuel. 

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  • Love Amelia and Owen.  I wish they weren't as popular as they are.
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  • I love your current children's names!

    I'm very meh on your current choices.
    Amelia is overused and Juliana and Anneliese are NMS; too frilly.

    I like Thomas best from your boy names. My second pick would be Levi; I like it with Isaac. Noah and Owen are too popular.

    Other suggestions:

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  • I like Julia and Owen the most.
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