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4 month shots

Lo had her 4 month shots on Monday afternoon and is still sleepy 36 hours later. When she is awake she teeters drowsy/happy/cranky. Is this normal? How long should it last?

How do I know if she has a fever? What symptoms should I look for? I do not think our thermometer works well...Any recs on those too?

Re: 4 month shots

  • Use a rectal thermometer, it will give you a very active temp. My little guy feels warm to the touch (I use back of hand to his forehead) and usually have clammy hands. Make sure to put a little lub on rectal thermometer.

    Did you give any Tylenol when LO got shots? My little guy is tired for the rest of the day/ night but usually perks up within 24 hours. For his first round of shots he did swell up where they poked him.

    Hope this helps.
  • We had shots yesterday at 1pm and she's been very sleepy today as well.

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  • But please remember that armpit temperatures (which is what I do) you have to add 1 (ie: 99.1 underarm would be a true temperature of 100.1). My LO had some swelling in the leg that he got the 2 shots in but not in the leg with the 1 shot. He was cranky and had a mild fever for 2 days. I did give him some tylenol for the night that he got the vaccines 1 time during the day after and then for that night after and then he didn't need anymore. Hope your LO starts feeling better soon!
  • Thanks everyone! I feel much better about her reactions. She was back to"herself" after 48 hours :)
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