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Doctors orders: no cardio/intercourse after 24 wks??

Hello all! 24 weeks pregnant with di/di boys! New to the board, and so happy to be in this "club!" First pregnancy, and total shock! My OB is very conservative and told me at my last appt that she tells all multiple patients no sex or cardio exercise after 24 weeks.... Has anyone ever heard of this????

Re: Doctors orders: no cardio/intercourse after 24 wks??

  • Without any other complications, no. My OB was pretty relaxed and I could continue as much as I was comfortable with. Seems a bit much.

  • I didn't get put on pelvic rest until I was put on bed rest for preterm labor at 26w. I was walking almost daily up until then & DH were together ;) just like normal up to then.

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  • I was still throwing up daily at 24w (yaaaaay motherfucking HEG) so the no sex/no cardio thing was kind of a given, but I wasn't put on real pelvic rest until 35w. I was never told to limit light cardio though. 
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  • I felt it was awfully conservative as well considering (knock on wood) I have had no issues to speak of.... Gonna get a second opinion from my perinatologist.
  • I have been on pelvic rest since my embryo transfer.... for various different reasons... now even if we could do the deed it would be nearly impossible! 

    I was put on bedrest at 27 weeks for a shortening cervix.

    Talk to you MFM and see what they say!
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    That does seem conservative!
    They did have me cut way back on exercise around that point; I moved back to just walking. We had intercourse up until 37w though; my OB didn't put any restrictions on that.
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  • MrsLee04 said:
    I'm not a fan of blanket policies like that. Your OB should be treating patients on a case by case basis. I didn't exercise during my pg, but DH and I continued activity up until the babies were born (at 36w). If I had complications my OB would've placed restrictions.

    I agree.
  • I agree with MrsLee04.  Talk to MFM and perhaps find an OB who reads medical journals from this century.  When we first found out about our twins at 8 wks, my OB told me to hold off on exercise until I saw MFM.  Then, during 2nd tri, she wanted me to walk more.  Unless there is a specific complication the OB is trying to manage, sex and exercise should be fine.  Multiples are not a complication.
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