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Boy name thoughts

My husband and I are just starting to talk names and boy names are hard!!! I have a stepson named Hayden, and our last name is Percy.
We like William as a middle name (family name on both sides). First names are the problem. Oh, and we're both teachers which knocks a whole lot of names off the list!
I've got an ever changing list of front runners, but they are currently Jace, Ty, Barrett, Reid, Ellis, Rhett.
My husband likes Grady but I'm not sold on it.
Any help would be amazing! Thanks in advance.

Re: Boy name thoughts

  • Thanks! Rhys, Bennett and Quinn are also near the top. (Though I kind of like Quinn as a girl name, though I know it's a boy name!) Spencer and Elliott too. I like the names that are different enough but not so different to be weird.
  • I love Reid, Ellis and Rhett.
    What about Garrett instead of Grady?
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  • Ya, I'm teaching my first Sebastian this year so that one's definitely off the list! Haha!
    Garrett is a little too close to hubby's name...but I'm thinking I've got a few narrowed down to present to hubby. Rhett, Ellis, Quinn and Reid. Fingers crossed! His not so serious/maybe serious suggestions of Harvey Specter Percy or Cullen Bohanan Percy aren't like to be popular! (Though I also did have Cullen on my facourites list for awhile!
  • I like Ellis William
  • I like Rhett. I suggest Everett if you are looking for a long form for it. Ellis is also good.

  • DS is Reed so I obviously love that name (family name for us). I do like Rhett but prefer it for a NN for Everett. I think PPs gave you great suggestions like Rhys, Theodore, Elliot and Graham.
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