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MN for Laney?

Found out we are having a girl!

I want to honor my grandma (I spent most holidays with them while in college and have always grown up close to her) and so I want to use her name Elaine somehow.

My favorite FN is Claire so we would do Claire Elaine but DH isn't sold. He really likes Laney (which is my 2nd choice and a spin off GM's name). Stuck on a MN though...any ideas?

Just so you know what I like: My mom almost named my sister Laney Joy and I am very drawn towards the sound of that.

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Re: MN for Laney?

  • What about Clara or Elena? Elena Claire? Clara Elaine?

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  • bromios said:

    Laney sounds like an eternal 5 year old. It's just not elegant, classy, or sophisticated. Other fns to go with Elaine as a mn:

    Clara Elaine

    Corinna Elaine

    Julia Elaine

    Alice Elaine

    Natalia Elaine

    Johanna Elaine

    Christina Elaine

    Georgiana Elaine

    Marisa Elaine

    Aurora Elaine

    Alexandra Elaine

    Louisa Elaine

    Violet Elaine

    Carys Elaine

    Oooh I love Corinna! I will have to throw this by DH. Thank you!

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  • I think Laney is a great nn.  I would probably pick Elena as the first name to use it.

    Elena Claire is a sweet name.

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  • Claire Elaine is good, if your hubby gets on board!!

    Laney Violet
    Laney Charlotte
    Laney Josephine
    Laney Amelia
    Laney Claire
    Laney Dawn
    Laney Marie
    Laney Diana
    Laney Alice
    Laney Rose
    Laney Bree
  • amq427 said:

    I agree Elena with a nn of Laney is adorable. I actually really like Elena Claire

    ^agree! Great advice
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