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Can we ever decide on a name !!!

ok so my husband and I finally agree on a boys name Parker, then he says oh no that's a girls name !!! Is it a boy or girls name ? Or unisex ? Thanks

Re: Can we ever decide on a name !!!

  • No need to google, it's a masculine name. DS has a friend named Parker, he and DD were taking about how it was a weird name.... Because it sounded like parking, idk, they're special.

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  • Parker is a babyish sounding name for a boy. It is those names that always go to the girls. I hear Parker on girls more then boys now, and I don't like it on either boy or girl.
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  • mjreilly2 said:
    Your husband is wrong.

    Parker is masculine.

    ...and trendy

    ...and not good for a boy and definitely not for a girl (seriously?!).
    All of this

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  • It's neither.  It's an occupation name/ surname.

    It's super trendy right now, but of all of the occupation/ surnames, this happens to be one I sort of like.

    If you want a surnamey  FN, suggesting






    Taylor (love this for a boy)





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  • Masculine.


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