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Increased feelings at night?

I'll call him KM :-)
My KM is one week shy of 5 months old and exclusively breastfed. Just within the past three weeks he's increased an average of two feedings to four feedings and even an occasional 5th feeding at night. Generally they aren't full feedings.. Just enough to get the full effect of the let down before dozing off. We were fortunate that he started sleeping through the night at around 12 weeks but now all of a sudden he's sleeping less and I'm not sure why.
Anybody else have or have had a similar issue?

Re: Increased feelings at night?

  • Did KM go through the 4 month sleep regression? If not this can happen all the way through 5 months. My baby is the same age as KM and used to only wake once a night to BF but now could wake 3 times. I always try and rock him back to sleep before I nurse cause sometimes he isn't hungry at all. He is going through the sleep regression and can't get past the first stage of sleep without waking.
  • Probably sleep regression. Have you tried sending DH in to soothe first? I feed at the first wake up and then send DH in if she wakes again and it's been less than three hours. He rocks her for a couple of min and she goes back to sleep.

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  • A arms to be out of sleep regression and just started doing this the last two nights. Then today she hardly nursed all day!
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