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3 vs 4 hour schedule FF help

We want to move to a 4 hour/3 naps schedule as I think LO is trying to drop a nap. (Currently on a 3 hour/4 nap schedule)

Right now she gets 4-5oz and 1-6oz so 26oz daily.

If we bumped her to 6oz 4x daily, that is only 24oz and even if we did 3-6oz and 1-7oz that is only 25oz daily.

We just moved her up to the one 6oz bottle before bed two nights ago so that is why I am hesitant to try the 7oz bottles. I know I am way over thinking this but would appreciate any input you have because it is not making sense in my head.

Re: 3 vs 4 hour schedule FF help

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    Are you doing any cereal or anything yet? I realize that it doesn't replace nutrition, but if you did a small cereal feeding that used an oz or two then you would basically be at the same amount...just a thought.

    Do I remember correctly though that you are going the BLW route? So that may not be an answer. ..but just a thought? We just started LO on cereal and I am using about 1.5 oz of breastmilk to make it.
  • Yeah we will be doing BLW, good memory! Plus LO is not ready for solids yet, she is soooo not showing signs of wanting it.
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  • We have DD on a four hour schedule and she gets 7 oz at each for 28 oz total. We first started this when she started going to sleep earlier and was drinking 6 oz and only getting 24 oz total. I was worried it wasn't enough so I just tried 7 oz and she was fine with it.

    If she has to eat in the MOTN I give her 4 oz and see if that's enough before giving her more.

  • zoegirlTX said:
    i'm impressed you have a schedule...

    DD has been getting 6.5 oz bottles for a while, with a 8.5 right before bed...so usually about 34 oz total a day.  Guess that' why she went from 15% to 50% weight charts!  (we're 4 mo & 14.5 lbs)

    I'd honestly just try it & don't stress...baby will probably be happier with more food :)  Even if she doesn't finish, it's not a big deal.

    This exactly! 

    Is there a reason you are trying to keep LO at 26oz?  I'm certainly not a expert, but I would think if you believe LO is maturing enough to drop a nap and go longer between feedings then she is probably growing and ready for more oz.  I would maybe try increasing oz first and see if that naturally increases the time between feeding, rather than trying to maintain the number of oz AND decreasing the number of feeds.  (Did that make sense?)

    But like zoegirlTX I have a little chunky monkey (not really) right now who likes to eat

  • I wish we had a schedule that we could tweek. My boy doesn't like to nap and he loves to eat. We've been around 30 oz for awhile now but it varies with how many oz he takes at a time. 
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  • I'm just wanting to keep her at 26 or above without giving her too much. I don't feel comfortable jumping to 7oz bottles when she has only started 6oz ones a couple days ago. :-)

    I know, no biggie if she doesn't finish the bottle but my frugal side goes nuts when she doesn't lol.
  • I give 5 six ounce bottles. She still wants to eat every 3 hours...it doesn't matter how much I give her...in the evenings she wants to eat every 2...when this started happening I introduced cereal...she's a hungry girl and it helped.
  • I would try 2 6oz bottles and 2 7 oz bottles to give you the 26 oz you want. Then when she is ready switch them all to 7 oz.

    That is probably what we'll have to do. I don't know why I am so scared of the 7oz
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