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NCDR- another toddler question- time outs?

For those of you with toddlers- do you use time outs? If so-

1- Where do you put them?

2- How do you make them stay there? If they get up and you have to put them back, do you start the time over?

Thank you! Maybe my next question will be related to diapers...


Re: NCDR- another toddler question- time outs?

  • The only time I did time outs with DS was when he went through his phase of hitting the dogs. He would go in his crib for one minute, only because I had no other place to contain him. I guess it worked? I didn't love it though. Now we are able to let him express himself some more, acknowledge his feelings, and then go cuddle and that seems to change his attitude pretty well. It does involve letting him throw a fit now and then. Every kid is different, some kids need more boundaries than others. Mine is pretty laid back and this is what works for us.
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  • We sit him in the corner in our kitchen. We set the timer for a minute and remind him why he's there and what we expect from him. Sometimes he sits by himself, sometimes we have to make him.

    I avoid putting him in his room or bed, just because I don't want him to associate them as bad places. I don't want him to think he's in trouble when it's just time for bed.
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  • We also do cool-downs and deep breathing, pretty much just like how Rugby described.

    I also use a technique called "planned ignoring" when he's doing something (non-dangerous) to get my attention in a negative way. He tends to transform into a major diva when he can't get something to work. I've coached him through asking for help a thousand times, so now I walk away until he calms down and asks for help.


  • We sit down and "take a break." Similar to Rugby.
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