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Which combo do you like most?

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Which combo do you like most? 139 votes

Emma Caroline
25% 36 votes
Emma Alexandra
15% 22 votes
Emma Sophia
11% 16 votes
Grace Caroline
35% 50 votes
Grace Sophia
10% 15 votes

Re: Which combo do you like most?

  • Anything but Emma. 

    Grace Caroline got my vote.


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  • I vote Caroline for first name.


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  • What about Caroline Grace instead of Grace Caroline?

    Love Caroline Grace! I second this suggestion.
  • What about Caroline Grace instead of Grace Caroline?


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  • Love Grace as a FN (voted Grace Caroline)

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  • I voted Grace Caroline, I like Grace in the first name spot! I also like Emma Caroline Emma is beautiful even if it's popular!

  • I voted Emma Alexandra. I don't care how popular it is, Emma is a beautiful, classic name. I love it.
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  • I voted Emma Alexandra, love both names (even if Emma is more popular than I would like).
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  • edited December 2014
    ramy3 said:
    Joy2611 said:
    Oh look, Grace being suggested as a middle name...
    Right? Shocking.

    I much prefer Grace Caroline.
    @Joy2611 @ramy3 I haven't lurked around the Baby Names board too much... does this happen a lot?

    ETA: yea nevermind... I just looked and realized Grace is the standard filler middle name. 
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