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Heavy Wetter Nighttime help

Hey Ladies!! I need your help. I have a 9mo who has become a nighttime heavy wetter. He already wears TT fitteds and fusions overnight with a PUL cover (Rumparooz, thirsties, or blueberry). We have 1 TTNN that gets used also. The past couple of weeks, he is waking up with wet clothes. He sleeps 12-13hrs straight and I try to make sure we have a good fit with the cover before bed, but he still wakes up wet mostly around the legs. So it seems we need a new type of cover, I was thinking fleece or wool. Suggestions please! Which works best for you and best place to purchase them! TIA

Re: Heavy Wetter Nighttime help

  • I got Disana wool covers.  They were bulletproof but I found them bulky and hot.  For an extreme HW though, they make work for you.  You could also try fleece covers.
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