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One Side Per Feed?

Hi ladies,

I'm fairly new to TB and post most regularly in Parenting. I have a quick question for you all before I can try and get ahold of my LC tomorrow AM. My 8 week old has a had a solid day of green, frothy poops. Some research on kelleymom suggests that a) this is not a huge deal or b) that he is getting too much foremilk. To remedy this I'd like to offer one side per feeding instead of my normal routine:10-15 mins on my severely under producing right side and then finish the feed on my left. I'm afraid that he'll never get full if I try to make him take a full feed from my under producing side. A weighted feeding at the pediatrician told me he only gets about 15mL from my right at a time. Can I still try to do one side per feed? Other experience or recommendations?

Thanks so much for your suggestions, I appreciate it!
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Re: One Side Per Feed?

  • Do you pump at all? You could always try to pump as much as you can out of your under producing side and nurse a full feed on the other side. This might even help increase your supply. Definitely talk to a LC though .

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  • I had this issue with my last baby. What worked for me was what you described- feeding first from the less full side and then feeding from the full side if necessary. I also used the "Australian" hold where I laid on my back and held him on my chest to work. That had some success with the strong letdown I also had. Oversupply is real. Definitely talk to your LC, but if you do have an oversupply issue, I'm not sure you'd want to take steps to increase your supply.
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  • Thanks for the advice, ladies! That's the plan: start on the under producing side occasionally and pump, pump, pump. 
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