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Well DS really found his voice this weekend. For the last week he had been doing a lot of giggling and babbling, but yesterday it super-morphed into shrieking. When he is happy, or tired, or hungry, or smiling. It started out sweet, but is now not quite so adorable. Is anyone else going through this?
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  • Itty bit figured out she can add expression into her voice, she can talk loud and soft, gurgle, and have some high pitched squeals/shreiks. Thankfully it's not all the time just when she really happy.
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  • I am glad to hear I am not alone! I really hope this passes...I miss my sweet giggles and coos :)
  • Mine too! However it's been a month and she is still doing it! She also moans and groans her way to sleep now. We took paci away with a recommendation from the pediatrician and I think it is how she soothes herself. It's annoying to listen too but she will fall asleep within minutes.

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  • Last night we were having a dinner with DH's side of the family and DS shrieked so loud everyone literally jumped. Lol it was hilarious

  • He is making noise about 75% of the time he is awake. The shrieks are about 25% of it. I don't really mind it though. It's kind of cute.
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  • I like the shrieks, they make me laugh!
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  • K has been doing that for a while now. She has two times in particular when she does it. When she is really happy, she does it instead of laughing. When she is bored with whatever we are doing and ready to move onto something else.

    Sometimes it's really cute but other times not so much.
  • Oh yes LO has found his voice too, and instead of high pitched he actually does a low yell thing haha I laugh every time!

    I was mentioning to DH that he no longer cries like a newborn either, it's more a real cry with screams.
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  • My husband calls DS a little Pterodactyl! He loves to shriek anytime lately
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  • We have not shrieked yet but our cry has changed. It's not newbornish anymore.

  • LO started shrieking, and he got really loud too, but now he's stopped it a bit. He prefers to babble now.   It was about two weeks of that before he calmed down.

  • Okay then... I take back my previous post (2 up) because I got home from work today to a shrieking little boy!  

    Too funny- he was in a competition with the vacuum as to who could be louder.

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  • Nico shrieks when he's happy, and he was apparently quite happy on the plane to NY for the holidays. The folks around us didn't seem to mind, thank goodness, we joked that he just wanted to get their attention... Which he probably did!

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