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Is a diaper genie necessary?

I've been doing a lot of reading on whether or not to get a diaper genie, or some other brand/type of diaper disposal. I was wondering what you all think- is it necessary? Thanks!

Re: Is a diaper genie necessary?

  • Following because I wasn't going to get one but recently people have been telling me it's a must.
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  • Not necessary, but nice to have. We have a Decor diaper pail, and it's ok, but I've heard that the Munchkin arm and hammer one is better.

    When DS was a newborn-infant, we used it all the time, but then when he started eating solid food, the poops got smellier, and we started getting flies in the diaper pail. So now every time he has a poop, we put it in a plastic grocery bag and take it straight out to the trash instead of the diaper pail. I suppose you could do that from the beginning - it's more a matter of convenience and preference.
  • nope. thought I wanted one but I ended up with a regular old bathroom-sized trash bin with regular plastic bag liners. I found little plastic bags at the dollar store for diapers and I put the nastier diapers in those. other than that I just take out the trash daily and there is never a problem. very glad I didn't bother with the genie.

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  • smeame14 said:
    Nope, never did, never wish I did. Most times the real stinky ones went in a plastic grocery bag and out to the garbage immediately.

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  • Thank you for all your feedback- you all confirmed what I was leaning towards, and it's one less expense for me and frees up more space in the nursery! Thanks for sharing.
  • rosascolrosascol
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  • I found it very helpful and would recommend a diaper genie or similar.
  • Not a necessity but I definitely liked and used mine. Our nursery was not near the other trash cans and we don't take out trash all that often so it was a nice thing to have. They don't take up much space either. We have the Diaper Genie 2 but I kind of wish we either had the Elite Model or the Munchkin one.
  • I have the arm and hammer one and really like it. It's in the garage right outside the door but much closer than the big garbage cans that are outside. But our main inside garbage is built in to our cabinet and would smell if filled with poopy diapers all day.

    I also don't see how it's a hassle. I mean you're still throwing the diaper in another garbage bag or wrapping it in a target bag and taking it outside. Those don't seem much different to me.
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    Necessary ?  No, but I thought it was very convenient.  We used ours for about 4 years.  We don't use it now because DS only poops about once a day, but I just liked not having stinky diapers in the house and I also didn't have to worry about taking them out to the trash when it was rainy or cold.  I mean I sometimes would leave them on our garage step, but sometimes my husband would forget to take them to the trash or worse step on them when it was dark out.  
  • We have one, I love it! However, I don't think it's necessary though. The diaper genie is upstairs in his room, but we end up changing him a lot downstairs so we don't always use it.
  • Nope. Used one for a while and the plastic absorbed the odor. It was gross. She I stopped using it when my second was one. No plans to start using it again. I put really smelly ones in a baggie and they go straight to a trash can in the garage.
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  • We have one and never used it. The insert bags fill up pretty quickly so I felt like I was always buying another thing that I was literally throwing away. We just use a regular trash bag or plastic shopping bag now.
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  • With my daughter I just used plastic grocery bags and when they were full or smelly, took them to the garbage.  Diaper genie is a waste of money in my opinion.

  • leela02leela02
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    We got a Diaper Dekor as a gift but it's really just an undersized trash can. It fills up pretty quickly so if you're hoping to contain the smell for a few days, well you have to empty it before then anyway. Our kitchen trash can is bigger and has a tight lid with a foot pedal, so we just got a second one. If the diaper is that stinky I'd put it in its own bag anyway.
  • I have one and I like it. Not sure if I'd consider it a true must have, but it is nice to have the used diapers, and the smells that come with it, in a separate container.
  • I'm lurking on this board, but found this post helpful... 

    Quick question(s) -- what about with cloth diapers? Obviously I need to put them in something. We received the Dekor diaper pail and the cloth washable liners that come with it. I only bought two liners because I figured once it's full then I will wash that with the diapers. We also got the sprayer that you attach to your toilet so you can spray off the nasty stuff before putting it in the pail. 

    Anyone have success with this? Suggestions so our apartment doesn't smell like poo? :)
  • We really like it! We live in a town home and the nursery is 3 floors away from the big garbage. We got one that uses a regular garbage bag as a liner.
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