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Anyone still in a sleep regression?

LO will be 4 months on Wednesday and it seems like we hit our regression last weekend. He went from one MOTN feed and sleeping 5-6 hr stretches to 2-3 MOTN feeds with a million wakes/fusses. I'm lucky if I get a 3 hr stretch anymore.

How long did your regression last? Is the sudden increase in eating a normal addition as well?


Re: Anyone still in a sleep regression?

  • Been almost 7 wks for me, hoping it ends soon REAL SOON
  • Probably 1.5 months but I think LO getting sick added to the length. We finally seem to be coming out of it now. The past few nights have been much better.

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  • About 2 weeks...maybe 3. At first I thought it was his adjustment to his helmet. Then it was his ability to roll. Now I think hunger. We did a little cereal last night for the first time and he STTN. Hoping that will continue.
  • Ours started about 1.5 weeks ago. It's been so bad. We tried a little cereal but it didn't help. I'm going to work on it more this week.
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  • We're going on 4 weeks he started a bit before 4 months. But we have gotten our longer stretches back the past week, but still wakes every 2 hrs after that and fusses a lot more during the night.
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  • We are done thank God! Started just after 3 months and lasted a few weeks. (DD is just over 4.5 months now) No advice - I think you just have to get through it :/ We did develop some more independent sleeping because if it which I'm actually thankful for! Now she falls asleep by herself and is sleeping 12 hours with no night wakings. But I'm Sure it'll change again soon, right? Oooooh parenthood!
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  • My LO finally fell back into a normal pattern after his first two teeth came in last week.
  • We seem to be coming out of it now- started about 3-4 weeks ago. I can tell her sleep patterns are changing and she's taking one longer pm nap instead of two short ones (down to 3 naps from 4). Last night she went 9 hrs then two and up for the day, which was typical for her before the regression. I slept well too so I'm thinking she must not have been restless like she has been.

    She was wanting to nurse extra during this time- Hang in there OP! If I've learned one thing, it's that nothing lasts forever with babies except how much you love them <3
  • We started with a regression right before 4 months and it lasted about a month. We are slowly coming out of it now BUT LO had RSV and then a cold last week so his sleeping issues may be due to sicknesses.

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  • I don't know what's going on here. For the past two weeks half the nights were awful and half were normal with 1-2 wakeups. No discernable pattern. When it's bad he only wants to sleep being held and wakes up the second he is put down. I'm not sure if it is really the regression or not.
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  • I thought we were out of it but I think I spoke too soon. :-( we are going on week 5.
  • Pretty sure we are out of it. It lasted about 2 weeks. Still not completely back to normal (STTN), but now only getting up once to eat and going back down pretty easily. 

  • DS2 is doing exactly what DS1 did which is 4 month regression moves into waking up for the paci several times a night.  It won't end until he can find one and put it back in by himself.  Considering he's starting to be able to replace it during the day if he pulls it out of his mouth I'm hopeful he'll get it at night in the next month or so.


  • I'm with @hmctagg01‌ on this. We have been in the 4 month sleep regression for 5 months. LO is a horrible sleeper. Tonight will be the third night that I just let him sleep attached to my boob because the flu hit our house and I need sleep. My first was a crappy sleeper though so I am used to it.
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  • Does anyone else's LO fuss or cry right before falling asleep now? I used to just be able to nurse him to sleep peacefully, but now I have to rock him. He cries and fights falling asleep right before he crashes. I have to hug him tight to me and keep rocking. I was just wondering if this is part of the possible regression?
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  • @SoSayWeAll‌ I don't know if it's part of a regression but we have the same thing. When I try to put baby girl down for a nap, I know that when her fussing gets the loudest it means she's really close to getting to sleep.

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  • @SoSayWeAll‌ my little guy does that too. He is a lot fussier before sleep. Not sure if he's just getting overtired easier since his nighttime sleep isn't as great or what. DS also has really gassy bouts so sometimes the fussiness is from that.


  • DS was an excellent sleeper until about 2.5 months then it all went down hill a few days after I went back to work. Went from one wake up... To 2-3?wake ups... Now it's every 45-1.5 hrs. We get lucky every once in a while and get a 3-4hr stretch but not often. He also used to be an excellent napper, now not so much. 9wks and counting.
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  • Ours lasted about 10 days solid. She was up every 1-2 hours and it was hell. Then I started letting her sleep on me and she went back to 4-5 hour stretches. Now she doesn't make it past a sleep cycle or two of sleeping on her own. So we are thinking of sleep training her next month so she can reset her sleep associations instead of thinking I am her pillow. Keep in mind, this isn't being considered to cut night feedings. Just the wake ups that occur because she's been transferred into her crib. Speak of the devil!
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  • @sosayweall I have learned to walk and nurse at the same time. This is the only way I can ensure she eats enough before she falls asleep. Otherwise she is constantly popping off and crying.
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  • DS is 4 months today. I really don't know about this regression thing. Most nights are good and few are bad. Bad for me is no more then 2 wake ups. Sometimes he doesn't even need to feed.

    I'm guessing that when teething gets worse his sleep will regress. Idk, I really can't complain so far...
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  • @SoSayWeAll‌ yes with the fussing and crying and writhing. 

    He isn't too bad (1-2 full wakes) but for us, since he was STTN for months, this is sort of a regression. Mostly it seems he's just flipping to his tummy and getting mad.

  • We are 5 weeks and counting into our sleep regression. Went from STTN to waking up ever two hours if not more often. LO has been sleeping in her crib since week 6 and now i can hardly put her in it without her waking up and crying. And yes to the posts about her becoming more fussy before falling asleep for a nap. Its like my perfect angel is gone and I'm left with a hot mess. Our dr actually said its just because she is hungry. As she grows she needs to eat more. . . And apparently the only time left is at night. He recommended starting her on solid food, so today we are starting. Lets wait and see if it cures the problem. She has also been teething for the amount of time she has regressed. Hungry, teething. . . Who knows. I start back at my master's program next Monday, lets see how I do totally sleep deprived. My mommy friends say it does end so i'll just keep clutching to that hope!
  • I hope we come out of this soon! We are now able to get a 3-4 hr stretch right after he goes to bed. I'll feed him and then it's hit or miss on how much he will wake up until his next feeding. I also think he's got some serious gas pains going on and that's waking him. He's got his 4 mo appt on Tues so we'll see if the dr has any suggestions


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