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It might be a fluke but..... (cereal/sleep)

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Our sleep regression has been going on for 2+ weeks and I am exhausted. Multiple wake ups for the paci and at least 1-2x to nurse. LO was 4 mo. on the 22nd. DH has been campaigning hard for cereal but I wanted to wait until his 4 mo appt tomorrow. He stayed the night at my mom's on Friday and did all the same things...and her comment was that she thinks it was hunger. So last night we tried cereal. 1tbsp of oatmeal cereal w about 4 tbsp of BM. He LOVED it....he still was pushing some of it out but after he figured out it was food he was actually trying to grab the spoon and put it in his mouth. I would say he actually swallowed about half. AND he slept 8:30-5:30 with one 2 min wake up at 10 for a burp and paci! !! I am so happy....hopefully this wasn't a coincidence! Will be discussing solids going forward w pedi tomorrow :)

Re: It might be a fluke but..... (cereal/sleep)

  • The same thing happened with me, DS had his 4 month apt on the 14th and we got the go ahead to start solids. Yesterday I fed him sweet potato mixed with BM and he loved it, was taking the spoon out of my hand and trying to jam it in his mouth lol. He ended up eating around 3 or 4 tsp of it and I swear that's why he slept better that night. we had been waking up 6x a night, and that was down to 2x last night. Hurray for solids!

  • Omg I'm trying this Tuesday! I go to a new mom group and my husband is tagging along because he's so type A and needs to here it from a professional that we can start but I'm so hoping this works too!! We have at least 6-8 wakes up for about 2 months now and I'm dying!! Hoping for this miracle too!!
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  • I second this...I had a mommy instinct last week...she was soooo hungry so I just did it and gave her cereal. She's been doing so much better!!
  • I tried cereal and it did not help at all. He was easier to put down but woke up just as much. We stopped after a couple days. I think I'm just going straight to veggies.
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