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LO refusing bottle

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So we EBF but have given bottles of breast milk here and there when I've wanted to go out or my husband has put her to bed. She never had issues until two weeks ago. I went to the doctor (I had the flu) and my husband watched her and gave her a bottle. I got home and he said she had choked and was having trouble. I tried giving it to her and she choked again. I ended up breast feeding her instead.

Since then she has refused a bottle (we didn't try again until a week later). For the past week we have been trying different ways of feeding her a bottle multiple times a day.

She is finally letting us put the nipple near her without screaming and tonight she acted like she was trying to latch but then would just chew on it. It made a huge mess with milk going every where. I heard her swallow a little bit but that's not really effective if I leave her with someone and she needs to eat.

Any ideas to encourage her to latch??

Tonight I noticed her sucking on her toys in the bath so I ran and pumped an ounce real quick but that's when she just chewed on it.

Bottles we have:
Momma Lanisoh
MAM size 1 and 2
Medela (maybe calma? Not sure)
Munchkin latch size 1 and 2
Tommee tipee size 2 I think
Similac - don't like these, the nipples are tiny
Gerber- same with this one
Parents choice

I have so many from my neighbor who EP and had a bunch of extra.

Previously she loved the MAM but also took the munchkin and Lanisoh well.

ETA: sorry for the novel just wanted to give enough info.

Re: LO refusing bottle

  • My BF baby takes usually two bottles a day and we are still on size one. Maybe if you have tried the size two the flow is too fast for her??
  • I don't know if you're interested in trying another bottle, but I have always used Playtex Naturalatch with drop-ins. I think they are pretty popular with BF moms.
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  • I have a pretty ridiculous let down (milk sprays out) so I tried the size 2 thinking she was frustrated with the slow flow but it hasn't made a difference.

    I may have to try that playtex one, that is one we have not tried.

  • I ebf but DS gets bottles while I am at work. We use playtex ventaire (also used them with dd). They came with naturalatch nipples and DS did ok with them but we just got the "breast [email protected] nipples and he loves them! I like the feel of them and they are definitely breast shaped. Made a big difference
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  • My LO prefers nursing (EBF with rare bottles) but if he has no other choice and I'm not around, he will take a bottle when he is hungry enough.

    Hang in there.

  • LO will only take playtex breastlike slow flow nipples on the drop in nurser bottles, he collapses the nipples that come with the bottles, makes a mess/chokes.
  • This is my LO too. Have tried like 8 different bottles and every method to doing it. I go back to work Thursday and I'll b gone for 14 hours! I'm hoping she will just get so hungry that it'll work. She is so Stubborn she might hold out though:/ good luck - no advice here:/
  • My DS loves the Dr Browns wide neck bottles. Not that you want to buy more bottles but we've had alot of luck with these!
  • Going back to work this Friday and came across this video. Gonna try it!

  • I have BF and given a bottle to my little guy since he was born and for a month when he was 2 months he had a hard time taking a bottle. It was nipple confusion. Now when we give him a bottle the person holds him close to their chest and distracts him, maybe standing when feeding or tapping his leg. He will then usually take it. He also did the choking thing and I just noticed he was using a 2 nipple and we switched to 1 and he is fine now. Hang in there, your LO will get it.
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