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Reaction to baby food?


My 7mo seems to get a reaction to every food, with the exception of pears & sweet potatoes. We tried bananas, peas, green beans, rice cereal w/bananas, and now apples. Her nose, chin, and cheeks get really red & rashy looking and it lasts for at least a day. She received a soy & daily intolerance diagnosis at 6 weeks and has been on hypoallergenic formula ever since. Our previous pediatrician was a joke, so I always questioned the diagnosis, but maybe she has some real allergies. I talked to our new pediatrician and they said we can go to an allergist if it continues, but to just watch it for now. 

Has anyone else had this issue? I just want to know if this is possibly a normal reaction to foods or if there is something bigger going on (based on experience). 
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Re: Reaction to baby food?

  • I agree with pp that some kids get that way when it touches their skin, but normally it's with one or two foods. I've mostly seen it with apples. It just looks a little red and blotchy around mouth only.
    My son just had a reaction to bananas. We couldn't believe it because who is allergic to bananas?!!! My husband and I aren't allergic to anything. His reaction was hives and they were all over his face. His upper lip was swollen, too.
    The dr said he can eat bananas again at 1 yr and he shouldn't have a reaction.

    Are you or your husband allergic to anything?

    I'm not trying to send you away, but I think there is any allergy board if I'm remembering correctly.
  • Pediatrician just said to keep watching. They will refer to an allergist if we want to have her tested. My husband is allergic to fish & reacts to melon and I only have a lactose intolerance.
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  • Good luck! Hopefully you don't have to go through testing.
  • Hi,
    My daughter has MSPI too (she is on Elecare), her GI told us to ONLY buy Beechnut products unless we are making the food ourselves. Apparently Beechnut is the only baby food that has no traces of milk or soy in their products as they use "kosher style" to make their products.

    I have food allergies, so I was sure my daughter would too. So far we have tried only Beechnut foods and she has been doing very well. Knock on wood!!
  • Maybe I'm just oblivious, but is a small face rash/redness really an allergy to food?  I thought that was a pretty standard baby get rosy cheeks and get a bit of a rash from all the drooling?  I can see being blotchy as a reaction.  I guess I consider a true reaction/allergy something that really affects his day to day functioning or that really stands out - like wheezing or choking or GI problems. 
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  • I didn't know if it was considered an allergy or something else. This is baby #1 and her cheeks broke out within a few minutes to an hour of feeding. It just seemed too coincidental. We feed her beechnut or earths best to test and then I make her food with organic products. I only bought gerber for things I couldn't find in the other products (green beans & peaches).
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  • I'm sure you have already thought of this, but have you tried switching laundry detergent? I can't explain why, but DD had exactly the same scenario -only on her face- and it turned out to be our laundry detergent. I mistakenly thought it was her newly eating food, until it happened with everything she ate. We switched and it worked!
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  • I would definitely keep a journal of the type of reactions and what food was eaten as you may see a pattern.  Melon allergies are related to banana allergies (our 2 year old has been allergic to bananas, milk and eggs since 9 months and can be sensative to melons) so it is possible to be allergic to bananas. Our daughter also had eczema (really dry scaly skin on her cheeks) which cleared up when we eliminated the allergens. I recommend seeing an allergist if you are concerned as it can be really helpful and give you some peace of mind! 
  • Um, DS has had dry skin on his cheeks since he was born, he's been on BM, formula, solids, etc...I wouldn't call that a reaction to everything.  Lotion goes a long way in that department.  Also, babies aren't supposed to have eggs or milk (the milk we drink) until 1 year old,  per the AAP.  I'm all for being informed and proactive, but I think FAR too often people think correlation = causation, and find a link where there really is none.  Sensitivity vs. Allergy - HUGE differences!  C'mon, lets be logical and reasonable here.
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