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Itching down there?!

I am now 6 weeks along and today I woke up with a very itchy vagina. It came out of nowhere. Has anyone else experienced this? Is vagisil safe to apply? I need a miracle

Re: Itching down there?!

  • I had the same problem and stopped using my bodywash down there. That stopped it.

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  • ^ this. Sometimes people think they have a yeast infection when it is actually something else.

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  • With my son I had back to back yeast infections for 3 months straight. It was horrible. Definitely consult with your Dr. before you start using the monistat/vagisil to make sure it is in fact a YI.
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  • I had a terrible one last week. Pregnancy causes it
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  • The pH changes so much down there during pregnancy that is sometimes hard to avoid. Look it up and examine your diet. Making adjustments based on what you find may help. Definitely discuss with your doc. Wish you relief soon.
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