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Any Overland Park moms out there?

Hi, I just moved to Kansas City and I'm looking for recommendations for OB's and hospitals for baby #2 due in Dec. Thanks!!

Re: Any Overland Park moms out there?

  • I'm on OP Mom!  We go to Women's Care PA for the OB (Dr.Magee and Dr. Piquard are the two I have seen--both amazing).  They deliver at St. Luke's South or Shawnee Mission (or Menorah). I think, based on user ratings and based on NICU levels, that you want to deliver at OP Regional, St. Luke's South, or Shawnee Mission.  We're going to tour the latter two, but knowing that SMission just did a total renno and is all new and state of the art, we may pick them.  I'm due Nov 27 with LO #3 (the previous two were born on east coast).  GL and welcome to OP!
  • Hey there! OP mom here, too! :) I go to KC OBGYN and Dr. Meghan Nichols is my dr- she is AMAZING and I have loved the other drs I've met in the group.  The office is located inside OP Regional Hospital (which is where this group's drs deliver).  All of the hospitals around are great- never heard a bad thing about any of them!  We will be delivering next month at OP Regional.  Welcome to OP! :) 

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  • Dr. Nichols is my doctor as well and I absolutely love her! The whole KC OBGYN office is great.
  • I have Dr. Magee and love him. I am going to SMMC. Honestly it's 5 minutes from our house so I am not even looking into other ones... But I've heard it's amazing.

  • I've heard SMMC or St. Luke's South are the way to go. We moved recently & live close to OP Regional. Several of our neighbors have warned us against going there for anything.
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