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Is it midnight yet?

Hi moms,

Were your LOs on somewhat of a schedule and sleeping at night at 2-3 months? My twin boys are now 9 weeks (6 weeks adjusted). They are the fussiest between 7 and midnight. They are generally very good during the day although one of them doesn't sleep that well. Not much fussing, plays well, doesn't cry other than hunger.

But both start fussing, won't go to sleep as soon as we sit down for dinner and no matter how much rocking, bouncing, diaper changed, fed, they won't go down until 11 to midnight-ish.

They are still on a newborn schedule, eating every 3 hours 3-3.5 oz of pumped BM. During the night as soon as they eat, they usually go right back to sleep.

I need some reassurance that they will start eating a bit more than 3 oz and will sleep a little earlier than midnight every single day :(
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Re: Is it midnight yet?

  • Mine had a witching hour from about 7 until 10. It did get better around the time I went back to work at 12 weeks.

    Do you have a night time routine? We did that and then made the house as calm as possible--dimmed all the lights, no sound on the TV or anything.

    Mine went to bed at 10 every night and it slowly moved up as they ate more and got into a better schedule of 2-3-4. Some nights my daughter fussed until 2am until she decided to pass out.

    They'll grow out of it, I promise.
  • This was exactly my life except I don't think they would go down until after 1.  It did change eventually.  But they did it themselves.  We just followed their lead.  I would say around 5 months or so, bed time went to 9 or 10 as they would fall asleep in their swings.  We would then feed again and transfer to their cribs when we went to bed.  At around 7-8 months, they started going down between 7-8 and that has lasted until now (13 months old).

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  • They will get better.  How are their naps?  My boys' witching hour started at 5:00 and went until 8:00.  It wasn't until I learned that they were supposed to be taking regular naps that things got better.  Before we had the nap schedule, we just let them fall asleep whenever (Rookie mom mistake!).  Once we started putting them down for naps after every 1-2 hours of waking time with the last nap ending by 6pm, the witching hours got shorter.  We have a bedtime routine that starts at 7ish (bath or wipedown, lotion, fresh diaper, pajamas, swaddle, paci, sometimes a bottle and some rocking) that has them down between 7:30-8pm.  After a couple of weeks of consistently doing the bedtime routine, we're able to get them down before they're overtired and minimize the nighttime crying jags.

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