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Let's have a poop talk

Okay so little miss had been having beautiful yellow seedy poops about twice a day (I exclusively breastfeed as it stands). I have oversupply, and she was feeding pretty well every 2-4 hours.

She has been gaining weight beautifully and surpassed her birth weight within a week after birth. She's just over 5 weeks old now.

Last week, she went two days without pooping. I wasn't too concerned. Then on Friday she began pooping after every feed, and it has gone to a green colour. There was only one mucousy poop but since then it has just been wet farts after every feed. They range from yellow-green to just green. She's still peeing regularly and aside from being a little bit fussier, she's alert and not vomiting. She doesn't have a fever and has not vomited.

Anyone else having this experience?? I have read everything from possible bacterial infection to not enough hind milk and I'm going crazy!

(PS) I'm mobile bumping so I sincerely apologize if my paragraphs morph into one huge novel!!!!!

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Re: Let's have a poop talk

  • We're on a poop roller coaster just like you. I wouldn't call anything I've seen "mucousy" though.
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  • Following... We've only had one green poop, but she does poop/wet toot every.time.she.eats. I'm sooooo tired of poop!
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  • I've read that it's not enough hind milk... But I'm not sure if that's true.
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  • Do you eat a lot of green stuff? Lettuce, veggies...


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    My baby had green poops the day when she was super fussy and I fed o demand, every 1hr - 1.5hrs. I think I overstimulated her gut and she got a lot of foremilk. Ped wants me breastfeeding every 3 hrs and no sooner for that reason. He said babies fuss when their stomachs are churning and we as moms think they want to eat again but that usually makes the situation worse. Once I stopped the frequent feeding the yellow poops came back!


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  • I also make a lot of milk :)


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  • Mine has been having dark yellow poops (EBF). She's fussy during feedings most times, probably because of an overactive letdown (she gags at the breast). I'm not sure if it's paired with too much foremilk as well?

    I think I'll be visitng La Leche League soon.


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  • The only thing I did differently when LO had green poop was to make sure I fed longer on one side to make sure he got enough hind milk and stayed full. This is important regardless of poop colour of course!

    I also have a lot of milk and a forceful letdown.

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  • @AnnieRoo13‌ - has LO's poop gone back to normalish?
  • Following - we have been having a lot of green poops too - LC thinks I have an oversupply and I've been trying to feed longer or double up on one breast if he doesn't empty it (not sure how to tell empty tho?) ugh poop is stressful
  • @AnnieRoo13‌ - has LO's poop gone back to normalish?

    Yes!! It took about a week, but after I started really letting him feed a good long time on one side and not worrying about switching it started to clear up. Also, if he only eats for a few minutes on one side I start on that side next feeding.

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  • I briefly had a bit of an over supply thanks to going overboard trying to fix an under supply so LO was getting too much foremilk and had several very mucusy green poops. Our LC had me feed from 1 breast at a time for a few days, that took care of the problem!

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    Oh wow. You ladies are putting my mind at ease. I agree, @Alid86 - poop is stressful!!! Haha.
  • My LC told me that green poop is from getting a lot of foremilk and not much hindmilk.  She said to massage the breast as LO is sucking (from the outside in towards LO's mouth), so he is pulling it out and you are essentially pushing it out and that should get the hindmilk that's stored higher up to come out. 

  • We've had nothing but green poops for 6 weeks now & he only goes every 3-4 days. Pedi said it's normal & not to worry or overthink it. Still trying to be ok with this.

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  • @MrsG1019 - what shade of green? I've done like @AnnieRoo13‌ and let LO feed longer to ensure that she empties the breast. Her poops are coming back to more yellowish. My LC has assured me that greeny-yellow is definitely fine as long as everything else is going well (hydration, weight gain, alertness, etc).
  • So today I called an RN about the poop situation and she told me that lots of babies have green poops in the first couple months after birth due to the liver cleaning out bile and the digestive system starting to work as it's all new for baby! It can also be a fore milk hind milk issue but if weight gain is good then they aren't really concerned just try to nurse one side and don't switch until next feed. Since I have now asked 3 different sources and none were very worried about it I'm trying to not stress (emphasis on trying)
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