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boring stroller question, sorry!

So I have a stroller question, but I do not have twins so don't run me off the board!  : ) 

I have a 2 year old son, he turned 2 in october. I will be placed with another boy who just turned 2 this week. We will be fostering him long term, and hopefully adopting him. I had just assumed I would be placed with a baby and was going to buy a sit and stand stroller. Now I am reconsidering, because it will essentially be like having twin toddlers. What kind of stroller would you recommend? Specifics and links would be helpful. Side by side, tandem, sit and stand, jogging...none of the above? I think they will be too young to not have any stroller, especially if DH or I are out with them alone. For example, my son just threw a tantrum leaving a book store today and it took everything in me to carry him out kicking and screaming... Now I am envisioning how I will get 2 of them out of a store with a meltdown... I need a double stroller, right?
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Re: boring stroller question, sorry!

  • I like the city mini GT double or the bob duallie. I think it would be worth it to still have a stroller if it fits with your lifestyle.
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  • We have a bob duallie as our "everyday" stroller. If I had to guess, I'd say 70/30 moms on this board prefer side-by-side over tandem.

    We also have a wagon and it's great. Highly recommend.

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    I don’t have any advice to offer here. But, I am excited for you and your husband as you being this new endeavor! It takes special and committed people to do what you all have signed up for. Thoughts and prayers going your way!


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