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Treating acne/breakouts

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I have googled and searched, so hopefully have not missed something obvious... I always had relatively clear skin on my face, with the occasional gross pimple. And the shift to spring/summer caused body breakouts, but nothing too bad. I use the Origins Dr. Weil line of products, and used to use salicylic acid products on the occasional pimple. Am 16+1 weeks, and now have both the painful, swollen red pimples on the side of my face, and tiny whiteheads on my chin. Basically, I'm unbelievably sexy right now. Has anyone had to switch their old standby products during pregnancy, not because of safety but because of effectiveness? And if so, what (non-prescription) has helped to clear your facial acne during pregnancy? Please be specific, as I am reading about "natural" remedies, but don't see mention of method (eg, many people just say "coconut oil" but I have no idea when, how much, leave it on or wipe it off, etc). TIA. PS, am still having trouble formatting my posts. Using an iPad. My paragraphs disappear when I press Post...

Re: Treating acne/breakouts

  • I almost want to post a picture of my chin to show you how bad mine is! I need a new product !!!! ..... I've never had acne in my life and this is bad........ So yes if anyone has suggestions..... Put it here!!!
  • I had to stop using my products because you're not supposed to use products with Salicyclic acid or benzoyl peroxide, and my face has broken out more tHan ever before. I feel ugly! I wish I had the beautiful skin that some pregnant moms get! I have tried the Belli acne spit treatment they sell at destination maternity, and it doesn't work well. I also read that wiping the hemorrhoid pads on it help (dr. tucks), since they have astringents that dry out your skin and also have witch hazel. I have been doing that for a for a few days and it seems to be getting better. I have also read about methods of washing your face with oils - castor oil mixed with another oil like almond oil or olive oil, and heard about great results from that. You can google it and read about it online, there are some great articles.thetd my next plan of action!
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  • My face has been clear but my back and shoulders look like a hormone rampant teenager who hasn't showered in weeks. Anyone have any luck using the same facial methods for "bacne"?
  • This may seem very random, but I've discovered that using apple cider vinegar (diluted with water) as a toner has kept my breakouts under control! I only use it at night because the smell is pretty strong, and after it dried I put a layer of coconut oil over it to help moisturize. Found both ideas on Pinterest! :D
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  • Pure dove bar soap and apple cider vinegar
  • Konjac sponge! It saved my life this pregnancy.
  • Trader Joes tea-tree oil facial wipes.   They look like the clearasil wipes - the little patterned circles - but don't have salicylic acid.   They work wonders on my random oil slick spots - but because its a little pad and not a wash, I can avoid the dry skin spots (if you have crazy combo skin like me, haha).

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  • I use facewash with salicylic acid.. you're not supposed to use salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide as gels/creams etc that you would leave on for an extended period.  There's no (or a negligible amount) of systemic absorption if you use it as a wash and immediately rinse it off. 
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  • My OB said I could use any face wash or body wash with salicylic acid as an ingredient, just to stay away from Vitamin A. I had stopped and gone all natural but my acne has gotten too painful, so I'm switching back.
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  • I was told to use panoxyl with my clarisonic. It has helped but every now and then a new break out comes on the chin. I feel Ya!
  • I had switched off of my erythromycin cream and my face freaked out on me. Went more natural with cetaphil and witch hazel and I started getting the cystic acne back. So I now wash my face with dial antibacterial hand soap and then use alcohol as a toner. It sounds drastic and super drying (it isn't dry at all) but my face is clearer now than before I got pregnant! But I just googled it and it says the triclosan may not be safe. UGH. Whhyyyyyyy is there issues with everything during pregnancy!
  • Thanks for posting this! My back looks like a constellation map. Not to mention shoulders, chest, face... It's time to try something new!
  • Jan Marini Bioglycolic Cleanser works wonders for facial acne and any body acne. I use it in the morning and use Cetaphil cleanser at night. I have skin that is on the oily side and Peter Thomas Roth Oilless Oil does an amazing job of balancing moisture in the winter without breaking me out. Good luck, I've been battling acne my whole adult life and know how awful it can be. The Bioglycolic cleanser proved to be a miracle product for me.
  • You might find this helpful:

    Motherisk says: Apart from hydroquinone (which is absorbed systemically in fairly substantial amounts and should be used very sparingly) and topical retinoids (owing to the troubling case reports), skin care products are not expected to increase the risk of malformations or other adverse effects on the developing fetus. Consequently, pregnant women can look their best without compromising the health of their unborn children.
  • I am so glad OP started this conversation because my face has been AWFUL. :( like... Embarrassed to go out in public some days awful. So I am reading this thread and taking notes. :)
  • Hi ladies, I'm mostly a lurker here and haven't formally intro'd but I couldn't resist replying to this thread.  I've always had bad acne and prior to giving birth to my first child, I was on prescription meds to control my breakouts.  Since then I had to stop taking the rx and also stopped all salicylic/benzoyl peroxide topical treatments.  There are two things that have helped.  Red clay mask (homemade with clay powder & apple cider vinegar and essential oils) and also sulfer used topically (provided by an esthetician).  The clay mask helps draw out the impurities and bring the cystic acne to the surface so it can be extracted and I've found that the more frequently I do the mask treatments, the quicker the turnover is of a pimple and it heals faster.    I have to use it all over my face, neckline, chest, arms and back.  My acne has really become super inflamed with the pregnancy hormones.  This is what I use, and I am able to get it at my local health food store:  

  • I've been using Nexcare Acne Covers to spot treat my bad breakouts. They're medication-free and do a decent job of clearing up really bad pimples. Supposedly, you can put makeup over them too, but I just wear them at night.
  • Unfortunately if your acne is caused by hormones, there isnt much you can do about it right now. :( Obviously keeping your face clean keeps pore clogging pimples at bay... but the hormone induced ones are here to stay for a while!

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  • Currently using the cosmetic warrior face mask by lush! I like it because it's non-stripping so it won't leave your skin dry. It's more to soothe and heal the breakouts. All of their products are handmade, organic, and they don't test on animals! You can buy from them online if there isnt a store close to you. Also, you can mix oatmeal and yogurt to soothe the skin and get rid of the redness. Good luck!
  • Thanks so much for all these great tips! Sorting through them and can't wait to try some out. Good luck, ladies, and happy holidays!
  • My OB prescribed a gel that starts witha C (chlyomid--or something like that). It is generic and was actually free with my insurance, so may want to check it out. I used it the last time I was pregnant and it helped, but I have pretty bad acne anytime I'm not on the pill. I also use toothpaste as spot treatment at night and seems to help a bit (use the paste not gel kind).

    I also try and do a store bought avocado clay mask every other week which seems to draw out the impurities...again it helps, but the hormones are winning the war.

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  • Tea tree oil soap has been my savior. It smells weird but is helping clear up my face and the weird places I've been getting spots (boob acne wtf?!). Dr Bronner's is my favorite - the bar seems to be a little less drying than the liquid version. I dilute both before putting on my face and wash a good 1-2 mins before rinsing thoroughly.

    I follow up with Argan oil or another light oil like grapeseed.

    My skin also loved the Pretty Mommies line (I think it was the lactic acid in it), but the outrageous price for the teeny bottles and the orange creamsicle smell that made me gag/vom every time I used it made that line a no-go for me.
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