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Excessive breast weight

I was a 36dd before my DD and after her I was a 36F...I am 20wks and a 38HH now which is similar to when I was pregnant with my DD but they are sooooo heavy. I am just wondering if that is because my body already knows I am carrying two. I did not expect the excessive weight until after my milk came in. I have only gained 7 lbs and I swear it has to be all in my boobs despite my enormous belly.

Re: Excessive breast weight

  • Yes. I was 34ff before. I got 36g but now those are too small. I'm sooo uncomfortable-mostly from the boobs. They weigh almost 4 lbs each! So heavy. Scared of what will happen with milk!
  • Dang I used to think I wanted my boobs to get bigger but now I am not so sure! Holy moly...
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  • Yea, my boobs got massive, too. I was a 36D before the girls, and an F (as in F U C K those are huge) after-- and I had no milk come in at all. Get yourself some really supportive bras-- I went without but I was hospitalized most of the time :/ I went on to have a breast reduction when my daughters were three and I'm back to a 36D again. 
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