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Favorite co-sleeper?

I am thinking about registering for a co-sleeper after some research on how beneficial it is to co-sleep with baby the first 3 months (or at least close by). But, there are so many options! Which have worked best for you? 

The Halo sleeper seems pretty cool, does anyone use that?

Also, does anyone just use a P&P for their "co-sleeper" (putting it next to the bed)? I am thinking that may be better, since the baby will be only in the co-sleeper for 3-4 months.

Opinions are highly appreciated! Thanks!
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Re: Favorite co-sleeper?

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    After trying a pack n play, Chicco bassinet, and summer infant by my side in bed co-sleeper and all of them being wrong for us - we finally found the perfect one! We have the arms reach co-sleeper and love it! Makes nursing really easy in the motn and if baby wakes, I can gently soothe her back to sleep without moving. I like that I don't have to put my arm over any rails and can safely pat her or rest my arm around her. She sleeps really well being so close! Best decision we made as we were literally taking turns holding her while she slept prior to finding this. We got the mini on Amazon with leg extenders. Best of luck!
    Eta: I never have to leave my bed at night with this option



  • the only mama friends I habe that love their co sleeper use arms reach. I'm going to be using the bassinet a bit, or a handme down arms reach. If you purchase anything, check return policy and hold onto your receipts
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