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Anyone still struggling with speaking about your miscarriage? It's been almost 3 months and I can't talk about it to someone in person without crying. What's wrong with me?! :(
I've accepted it and am no longer depressed (most of the time ha) about it.. But I can't not cry.
Any tips?

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  • I'm sorry, hon :(

    I'm with @agpjt413‌, I am fine talking about it most of the time but some days it just huts me harder than others.

    If you're like this more often than not maybe you can speak to a counselor? Many women have done that and found it helpful.

    *hugs* for you
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  • I'm with you. I can't bring myself to tell anyone. The people from my bmb have been amazing with their support during this loss. I don't know what I would do without this online community to vent to. I know I need to tell my mom at some point but I know she will be devastated and I'm not ready to do that to her yet. I keep my emotions to myself even among friends and family so I'm terrified that I'll start crying when I talk about it and they'll think I'm a mess. I'm actually doing ok, but I don't know that I'll be able to convince anyone of that.

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  • I am sorry it is so hard for you (Hugs). I am fine with talking about it depending on the situation. I find the more I talk about it and bring it up in casual conversation the easier it is. If I sit and think about, "okay if I am talking to this person and it comes up I will say something" I get more emotional. I think, for me, the more time spent processing it and what to say the harder, more emotional it is.
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    @OctoberStars‌ it's so nice that you are thinking of your mom and you don't want to devastate her but don't forget to think about YOU. You're going through it and from my experience I wasn't able to move forward with my mental healing until I told those that had known I was pregnant.

    I know it's hard but it will help you move on

    So many *hugs* to you ladies.

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    I am not sure how to say this without getting a "solicitation" warning so I guess I just say that I am not longer active on THIS site. 

  • i haven't gone a day without crying since

  • @Nicolle93 you are so right that I won't be able to move forward without telling people close to me.  When friends and family ask me casually how I'm doing, I'm quiet and have nothing to say.  I've spent the past 6 months basically being pregnant aside from the time I was benched, so my thoughts have just been consumed with pregnancy and loss.  I really need to get it out there so I don't have to carefully think about what I'm going to say.

    @4N6s maybe it would be healing for you to tell your closest friends and family.  You might end up crying, but if you are truly so affected by it then this makes sense.  They should know what you are going through so they can support you and help you to move forward.  I know I sound hypocritical because I'm too much of a wimp to tell, but I know that I need to tell in order to get past this and be my normal self again.

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  • Yep. I do fine when I'm not talking about it but the second the subject gets brought up I'm bawling my eyes out. Hugs to you sweetheart.***
  • Thanks everyone!! I appreciate all the advice.
    It's conforming to know I'm not the only one... @CMDD‌

    My husband has suggested a counsellor.. And I keep thinking if I get pregnant, I'll be fine. Obviously that's not working. Haha. @Nikolie93‌

    I'm fine day to day, I just cry whenever I talk about it. I want to keep talking about it in hopes that one day I can not cry too. @alovett26‌

    My family all knows and have been nothing but supportive. It has definitely helped. @OctoberStars‌

    Thanks again everyone. <3
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  • Remember, it's okay to cry! It's not an easy thing to go through, just take it day by day!!
  • I was the same way. I had a very difficult time speaking about my loss for many months. This pboard was my sanity saving outlet as I had no problem communicating via typing it was the hearing myself say the words out loud that was too much to handle. 

    Everyone handles things differently. Big Hugs. You will get a little stronger with time and will be better able to deal with talking about it. 
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  • Thanks girls :)
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