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Hello. I am the mama to my nearly 3 year old son & currently pregnant with DS #2. Up until now our concern with DS has been with his speech. He has been in speech therapy for just about a year now. Going once a week for hour sessions at a private therapy office.  He has made good improvement, but it has been a very slow process. I have also begun the journey in the past several months to have him evaluated further.

This has been a big week for us in that part of the journey. Last week, we had him evaluated for our developmental preschool in our district. We are waiting to hear back, but should hear later this week and hopefully be able to start after he turns 3 in a month. Today, he had an evaluation for autism. It went surprisingly well, considering how long we were there and how well he warmed up to her. She confirmed my concerns and said he does fall mildly onto the spectrum, with the biggest concern being his speech delay and how that plays into all his other behaviors. So she is recommending us to pursue ABA therapy with him. I am very excited to have a next step and hopefully one step more in knowing how we can better assist DS. 

So we will have lots of changing happening in the new year, lots to learn about and get involved in. Looking forward to getting to know many of you along this journey and having support in dealing with something I feel lost navigating through. 
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  • Welcome to the board!
  • Welcome to our board!
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  • Welcome! I'm new myself DS is almost 2.5 and newly DX with ASD with language delay.
  • Welcome!
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  • Hi, It seems like you and I are in similar boats. Good luck.
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