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Delivering at Sky Ridge Hospital (Dr. Giuffre)

Hi there! I'm about 10 weeks along in my pregnancy and was hoping to get a little advice from some of you ladies out there! My OBGYN, (Dr. Patricia Giuffre) only delivers at Sky Ridge, but I live in the Highlands area. I chose her years ago as my OBGYN because she's right across the street from my work (which is super convenient for all my appointments!) She assured me that because this is my first pregnancy, getting to Sky Ridge from our house will be just fine as it will likely be a long labor. I'm not too concerned about the drive, but just not familiar with Sky Ridge's maternity department. Does anyone have any advice or experience with Sky Ridge (or even Dr. Patricia Giuffre)? My other concern is that Dr. Giuffre works out of a private office (not a group of physicians) so I'm concerned about WHO would deliver our baby if she wasn't available. Any thoughts, advice, comments, etc. would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks everyone!

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  • I'm not sure how far the drive is from the Highlands to Sky Ridge, but I'm planning to go to a hospital that is approx 30 minutes away from where I live if that helps any. I don't know uch about Sky Ridge and their maternity ward, but I would suggest a hospital tour and maybe even take some classes there to get a good feel for that hospital and see if it is where you would like to deliver. As for who would deliver your baby, I think that would be a question for her?
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  • I too will be delivering at Sky Ridge.  A bunch of my neighbors have delivered there and love it.  The only negative thing I've heard is that if you want a lactation specialist, you'll have to speak up.  I've also heard they have a new/upgraded maternity ward.
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  • I delivered both of my babies at skyridge and I loved it. The place was upgraded and really nice. The nurses were all very very nice too. Definitely do a tour. About the lactation consultant- I am not sure you specifically need to request it. I was there just 9 months ago with my second and I had lactation issues at first. The nurses helped me and then signed me up for the lactation consultant. Honestly the nurses were more helpful and were right there when I needed them. Be prepared for everyone to be up in your business. There is not much modesty the first few days of having a new baby.
  • I delivered at Skyridge and had a great experience.  The delivery rooms are nice and big and I loved my nurse.  She was great!  I did tour the hospital and found it to be helpful.  I didn't have any problems getting a lactation consultant.  In fact, they are very pro breastfeeding so they tend to help right away if you are having some issues.  
  • My cousin delivered at Skyridge and really liked it. It is supposed to wrap up an expansion in December 2014 so if your due date is after that it should be even nicer :)

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  • I delivered at Sky Ridge in 2012 and had no complaints. (As for what a PP said about lactation consultants--it probably depends on your provider. I have Kaiser and the lactation experts stopped by on a fairly regular basis.) And they did just expand, and the new maternity wing is supposed to be really nice.

  • Sky Ridge is beautiful, their expanded women's department is amazing and they are opening the new NICU in February. I work in the medical industry and its pretty commonly known as spa ridge. In fact I'm driving down from Golden just to deliver there. I'm sure your dr has a plan if she's not there, I'd just talk to her about it.
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