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Aug 29 EDD...we shall see

This will be my first if I'm pregnant.
Day 28 of my cycle
Day 12 post ovulation
Aug 29 EDD according to the Internet

So it may be too early but if you look at the top photo there is a clear/glossy positive line (hard to see in the pic). I took that one last night.

The bottom one I took this morning and there is an extremely faint positive pink line.

I'm going to take a couple more tests over the next few days. If it's really positive I've read the line the will keep getting darker as more hcg is produced.

Re: Aug 29 EDD...we shall see

  • Tested again this evening and the line is darker! Anyone else an Aug 29th EDD?
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  • Awesome, thanks for the extra boost of confidence! I have a doctors appointment next Tuesday to confirm and to talk to my doctor since this is my first!
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  • I am a little earlier than that my EDD is August 6th according to my Dr. originally was at the 8th but my line also looked very faint like that as well. I tested at 11dpo and used first response. Congrats!
  • Hi! My edd is august 10th. Originally july 30th but they claim im early. I also have ultrasound this tuesday for the 3rd time. Last one the heart rate was 105, they want it 120. i was only 6w 1d at the last ultrasound and everything I have read online is saying 90-110 is fine for 6 weeks. I dont know what my doctor is stressing me out!
  • My EDD is August 7, I'm excited for my first appointment on dec. 30 I'll be 8w4d. I can't believe some people are having them at 6w. I'm so impatient and want to know what to expect at my first appt. will I be able to hear the heartbeat or have an ultrasound? Any advice is great
  • This reminds me of how I found out - I ran out to my DH and was like "is that a line!?  I think that's a line.  Oh yeah, that is a LINE!!"

    good luck!!

  • That's exactly how my test looked at 8DPO and I ran to my hubby crying I was so excited! He didn't believe the test until I re-tested the next 2 days and the lines started getting darker every day:) An Internet app I used said I was due Aug. 29th!! But doc said Aug. 27th :)
  • Doctor confirmed, I'm pregnant!

    My doc did an ultrasound but could only see a thickening of the uterin lining at 4wks4days and said that's typical at this early stage.

    I go back in another two weeks for blood work and another ultrasound!
  • Congrats! I'm technically due July 28th, but my DS birthday is 08/29, it's a wonderful day for a birthday in my opinion!
  • I'm due Aug 29!! Also saw a thickening of the lining at 4 weeks, 3 days. Going back this week for more blood work!! Congrats!
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