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I have not taking any birthing classes. And this will be my first experience. How worried should I be about my knowledge on the labor process?

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  • aneesa31 said:

    I have not taking any birthing classes. And this will be my first experience. How worried should I be about my knowledge on the labor process?

    This might be a good time to get yourself a book on pregnancy. I didn't do much research on labor my first time around, but I've done my research this time. It's not too late to get educated :)


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  • Youtube. Great labor and birthing videos.
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  • I read a few books w/ my first.  I don't like watching videos.  Don't psych yourself out; it's a natural process.
  • I didn't do much research with my first (skimmed two books that I borrowed from the library), and it went fine.

    IMO, it depends on what kind of birth plan you have. For me, I didn't have a super strict plan, and I just wanted to go with the flow, maybe get an epidural (I did), and try to avoid major interventions. It went great. My SIL, on the other hand, wanted a completely med and intervention-free birth, and I think if you're dedicated to something really specific like that, you should probably do some research on the process and methods.
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  • The baby is going to come out no matter how prepaired you are. Just listen to the nurses they will help you through it. 

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    I've been reading glanced at a few books that my sister gave me and have looked at some articles/videos online about labor... My DH & I took a birthing class over the weekend and I honestly didn't learn anything new, IMO. I agree with the PP - baby is going to come no matter how prepared you are. Listen to the nurses, they will help you through the process.


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  • check out the youtube video: water birth outdoors lol
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  • i really loved the book Birthing from Within.  It's the only thing I read, but I've always been interested in birthing shows.  I also hired a Dula. 

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  • You will be fine. It never goes as planned anyway. I didn't take any classes and I was fine. 

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  • I did not take a single class, nor did I read a book or make a birth plan. It seemed a bit silly to me. I labored just fine with my dd.
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  • emmyg65 said:
    check out the youtube video: water birth outdoors lol
    Is this the one where the mom delivers in the stream? That's crazy.
    Yep! lol
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  • I did do quite a bit of research, but in the moment going with the flow seemed to work just great. I didn't end up following my plan at all, though it was more just things that I thought I would prefer. I really liked my OB and his involvement helped make it a good experience. I think if you were set on a med free birth doing more research might be helpful.

    My plan this time is to ask for an epidural when I feel I need it and to change positions frequently.

    If there is time you might want to look into a hospital tour so that you know where to go and what they recommend you bring along. I think they gave us a list of policies and so forth as well. I don't think it is absolutely necessary though.

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  • We just got done taking prepared childbirth classes at the hospital we are delivering at.  This was more classes talking about the stages of labor, what happens after you have the baby etc (think classroom setting with books rather then Lamaze type instruction).  Honestly, it did help me a lot.  I feel a lot more comfortable just having a better idea of what to expect, what kinds of things can happen during labor and also where I was going to be giving birth and then recovering.  The anesthesiologist also came in and talked to us about epidurals so I feel much more prepared for that when and if it happens.  In other words it was a way for me to comfortable with an unknown environment I was about to have to be in.  Check and see if your hospital does a tour.  Of all the things we did that to me was the most helpful and it literally takes 1-2 hours. 
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  • I agree with @JVLaura23. We did an "express" class that was 5 hours and although it seems crazy long, it flew by. I'm a big researcher and so is my husband, so we've also been reading some books. It can't hurt, right? 

    I think the class was more beneficial for him actually! He feels a lot better about the process and even on a daily basis if I'm having a pain or problem he's more comfortable with helping me. We don't have a plan for the day of and I'm great with that, but have enjoyed educating ourselves throughout the pregnancy. 
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