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important question

Before I found out I was pregnant I smoked pot daily as soon as I found out I quit but its obviously still in my system. I don't want any problems or my baby taken away from me. If I tell them I smoke pot before I was pregnant is there going to be problems? Will cys get involved? What's going to happen?

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  • I wouldn't even bring it up. Just make sure you aren't doing it WHILE your pregnant. That can be a problem. 

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  • When your baby is born they test the meconium and have to make a report to cys/ Dhs if it's positive. They are changing the mandatory reporter laws effective January 1. In my experience (I work in a d&a agency) they send you for a few drug screens and if everything is negative they close you out. I think meconium only contains what the baby consumed in the last half of pregnancy so you should be ok. Google meconium drug testing for more information.
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