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Pediatrician near Franklin area

Any recommendations of Pediatricians near the Franklin area?  How did you choose?  Are they affiliated with a certain hospital or does it really matter?

Thank you.

Re: Pediatrician near Franklin area

  • i am currently looking for a pedi and this one was recommended


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  • I go to Pediatric Associates of Norwood and Franklin.  They have an office right on 140.  I've seen Dr. O'Donnell (or O'Connell, can't remember) and Dr. Finkelstein.  My son is only 3 weeks old so we've only been there twice but so far, so good.
  • I alos go to Pediatrics of Norwood and Franklin.  We see Dr. Fung.  She is super nice and goes to both Norwood and Franklin offices.  The practice as a whole is great.  Awesome weekend coverage and after 5pm coverage.  All the doctors have been helpful - as well as the nurse practitioners.  Good luck!
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