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Let's talk Stocking Stuffers

If you do a stocking for LO--what are you planning on putting in it?

So far ours is mainly Sofia themed. I've hit up the dollar spot quite a bit.

So far she's getting:

A Sofia plate
Sofia hair ties
Sofia bracelet/ring set
Sofia fuzzy socks  
Sofia personalized pillowcase I got on a discount site
A sleep shirt 

Also thinking of adding:
some kind of holiday m&ms or skittles (she loves them and they're her potty treat)
Maybe a small board book?

Anywho--share away, love to get some ideas!
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Re: Let's talk Stocking Stuffers

  • DS is getting a frozen olaf book, another small little christmas book, reeses pieces candy cane, new sip cup that is supposed to be an actual cup training cup, two match box cars and this jacobs ladder thing that i found for a dollar in the target dollar section.
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  • i got her this little sofia the first chalkboard in the dollar section of target
    probably some puffs or goldfish
    a new toothbrush
    a comb maybe girl's hair is out of control
    some minnie socks i picked up at target
    a minnie jibbitz for her crocs if i can find one...so that maybe she'll actually wear her furry crocs instead of regular ones so i don't look too irresponsible
    i am not going to go too crazy

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  • flashlight...good idea! she loves ours
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    [Deleted User]gagirl2004
  • we got ds 2 sets of hotwheels cars, colored bath fizzies, bath crayons, normal crayons, 2 little sets from the target dollar section with a small coloring book stickers and crayons for the diaper bag, a book, and a chocolate santa
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  • So far I have some hair bows, red/green goldfish, gummy lifesavers (her fav thanks to DH), and some hello kitty panties. Thinking about some play doh, little people, and cars.

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  • I love the toothbrush idea!

    DD is getting:
    • A slinky!
    • Melissa & Doug animal fridge magnets
    • Books
    • Car ride games
    • Some sort of "healthy" ish sweet treats
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  • @2013mommy‌ our stockings sound very similar....right down to the toe! I have colouring books, underwear, new England patriots toque, socks, train whistle, some mini m&m's, a dried fruit snack, play doh, bubble bath, shampoo, a Christmas book and a bunch of chugging ton trains. (stockings are kind of a big deal at our house)
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    [Deleted User]gagirl2004
  • I'm putting in one of those M&M candy canes, the Brave DVD and a set of pony magnets for the fridge. Oh, and The Land Before Time DVD because she loves dinosaurs!
    Our little Samosa arrives in January!
    [Deleted User][Deleted User]gagirl2004
  • DS will be getting:

    - new socks
    - toothbrush
    - toothpaste
    - 2 matchbox cars
    - a Thomas wind-up toy
    - a few snacks (granola bars, yogurt covered raisins)
    - bath crayons
    - 3 small board books (colors, shapes and numbers

    Our stockings are handmade knit stockings and very stretchy.

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  • So far, a Disney Princess play set thing, socks, a Disney Princess hand towel, Play dohdoh and something else I can't think of at the moment. I'll probably pick up a box of smarties or something too.
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  • We got J socks (my Mom's tradition), a candy cane full of M&M's, a Christmas book, an apple and a  banana (my MIL's tradition), a hot wheel car, a Mickey Mouse cup.

    Henry Cavill...You're welcome!


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  • DD is so into Sesame Street right now so ofcourse her stocking is mostly Sesame Street.


    Hair ties

    2 Sesame Street books

    Sesame Street coloring books

    a new set of crayons

    chapstick (she's obsessed with mine and DH)

    2 of the stuffed sesame street characters that she doesn't have yet

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  • We keep stockings minimal (especially since no one remember to buy me anything for my stocking, womp womp).

    DS is getting socks, some new crayons, and a candy cane full of Reeces Pieces.
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  • So far I have a new set of crayons and some pink playdough (her favorite so it has dried up before the other colors), a tooth brush, and some treats. 

    I am going to get another fun sing along CD for the car and some trinkets but that is probably it.  I have overkilled it in general. :)

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  • I have a couple new movies, some gummies, a reeses pieces candy cane, bath paint, a big girl hairbrush, new toothbrush and toothpaste, im gonna get her another pack of panties, socks and other little knick knacks. Im sure it wont all fit in her stocking, also a new big coloring book and crayons. To much stuff.
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