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Anyone using DH OB in Nashua?

Hi ladies! Excited to say that I'm new to the bump! I'm a Dartmouth Hitchcock patient and although I've never been crazy about them, I love my PCP so I haven't switched. When I called last week they instantly connected me to their OBGYN department off exit 8. I didn't get to speak to my PCP, just a nurse to make the appointment. I have to wait until the first week of June (8 weeks) to be seen, which I'm hearing is normal but when I called to get a better understanding of what to expect they said that there is no u/s and no blood test. There will be a urine test and then blood work to get a baseline. Unless I choose to do a genetic screening my first ultrasound won't be until 18-20 weeks. I'm a little disappointed to hear this. A) I would really like the peace of mind and B) I would like to use the sonogram to tell my in-laws. Thoughts? Does anyone use this practice and care to share experiences? Can anyone recommend someone else? Thanks!

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  • I'm also using DH on exit 8 but I haven't had my first appointment yet ... will you give me an update so I know how it went? My OB left the practice so I have no hesitations about switching
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  • Love them - delivered my first with them and am currently being seen there for my second. Good luck!
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  • Great thanks!
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  • Sorry ladies! I posted this months ago! I'm feeling pretty pleased with them! I've seen Mary Curran quite a bit and love her! How are things going for you?
  • @MaiTaiBeth‌ I think Mary Curran is great, and Frederick's is worth venturing out for! Yum!
  • I've been a DH patient since I was a baby! I just got a positive PT this past Wednesday (12/10) and called them right away, my appointment isn't until 12/30. Husband and I are a little nervous, this was our first time trying and it didn't take long! I've seen both Mary Curran and Susan Krasner for regular gyno appointments and loved them both, but the nurse I spoke with didn't say who I would be seeing. Is it true that they don't do an ultrasound until 18-20 weeks? I have so many questions about everything, going to be so hard to wait another 2 weeks :(
  • @alliemck07‌ Pregnancy brain is really but I believe your first appointment is with a nurse only. I love Mary!! As far as ultrasounds go, you will get an ultrasound if you do not know the date of your last missed period or you have early bleeding of some sort. You then have the option of a genetic screening. We chose to have the first trimester screening which included a Nuchal Translucency (NT) Scan. This allowed us to see baby around 12 weeks. We then had the anatomy scan at 18 weeks, and this past Tuesday we had an additional ultrasound because baby is measuring large. So it depends.

    Typically, yes, it's just the A/S at 18-20 weeks unless you choose to do a genetic screening.

    Phew! Sorry for the novel!
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