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I might be out... 6wk u/s, visible sac but no fetal pole.

Hey ladies, I just had my first sonogram. It was scheduled for this coming Friday, which would've been 7.5 weeks (based on LMP), but there was a scheduling conflict and I was rescheduled for this evening.

We were able to see the sac, but no fetal pole or HB. The sac measured 6 weeks (which actually seems more likely, since I took Clomid on CDs 5-9, and my progesterone BW didn't confirm ovulation until CD 21, which would make LMP dating a week off). But I was under the impression that even at 6 weeks the baby would at least be visible (a little gummy bear dot or something!). Now I'm worried :(

The doctor didn't seemed concerned, she kind of just brushed me off and said to come back in 2 weeks for another sonogram. Do any of you have experience with early ultrasounds or situations like this? (I know 6 weeks is crazy early for an u/s, the office usually sees you at 10 weeks, but if you have had a loss(es) or have done fertility treatments, they schedule you at 7.5 weeks).

Re: I might be out... 6wk u/s, visible sac but no fetal pole.

  • I don't have any personal experience, but I've definitely read about people who haven't seen much at 6 weeks and have gone on to have healthy pregnancies. I hope everything ends up working out ok for you.
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  • I know it is hard not to worry, but that you are still really early. It is possible everything is ok. Thinking about you!
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  • 6 weeks is right on the border of when you can see a fetal pole/heartbeat so a day or 2 one way or the other makes a huge difference.  Some people will see those things at 6 wks and others won't and go on to have health pregnancies.  I know the not knowing sucks but don't loose hope yet.
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  • FX!! I'm hoping your LO is just a little shy!

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  • Sounds like it's still early. Sorry you have to wait, I hope all is okay.
  • FX for you!  It could still be early.  Like pp said, a day can make all the difference.  I hope everything works out for you!

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  • No experience but t&p for good news soon!
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  • I don't have any personal experience, but I've definitely read about people who haven't seen much at 6 weeks and have gone on to have healthy pregnancies. I hope everything ends up working out ok for you.
    All this.  :-) Plus sending you lots of positivity and FX!  
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  • I will be 7wks tomorrow. Due to me having so many miscarriages and one of them being very recent, I had my first ultrasound today. The Dr was a little shocked to find the heartbeat and it sounded slow to me. I go back in 4wks and will have an ultrasound again. However, I have had ones done at 7wks and the baby still be shy, he will be 4yrs old tomorrow! Dont stress yourself by over thinking things. If the Dr isnt worried than you dont need to be worried! 
  • Things are changing so rapidly at 5-6 weeks and being off by even a day or two really can make a huge difference!  Try not to worry!

    I had an ultrasound last week because I didn't know how far along I am, and we could only see a sac. Based on sac size I was estimated to be about 5w2d.  I have an appointment to come back at 8 weeks to check for a fetal pole and heart beat.  The OB wasn't concerned at all! 

  • Fingers crossed for you.

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  • I am so sorry you are stuck in limbo for awhile.  I Hope everything goes well.  When I had an u/s, the baby was measuring 6 weeks and only had a fetal pole.  My doctor said that was right on track for where it was measuring.  It also looked like a circular mass, like a little bean.  It is probably too early and you will see more at the next u/s.  FX!
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  • This happened with my first. We went in at 8 weeks and everything was measuring way behind. The lady totally brushed it off and just asked that we come back in two weeks because our dates might be off. They bumped back my due date. I didn't think a lot of it at the time, to be honest. It wasn't until later that I found out they were pretty concerned about viability.

    Long story short, we went back and the baby was measuring at the original size perfectly. So they moved my due date BACK to the original one. Late start maybe? Ha. Either way, it all sorted out.

    Hoping that brings some comfort to you!


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  • I'm sorry you are in limbo right now. FX for good results at your next scan!

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  • I had an u/s done about a week and a half ago. I was nearly 5 weeks. They did not see a yolk sac or fetal pole on my u/s either. They seen a GS but said that it looked "irregular" whatever that means. I had a repeat u/s done today & they were able to see the fetus and i was able to hear the heart beat. Don't lose hope. The last week and a half has been so stressful for me. I was automatically detached from my pregnancy the moment they made it seem as though it wasn't viable. Try not to stress. I know it's hard. Best of luck to you sweetheart.
  • Thank you ladies for the kind words :heart: I'm going to hope, pray, and keep my fingers crossed, and just wait for my next scan. I really appreciate the support.

  • I went in last Friday at 5 weeks 5 days and they saw the YS and she said she thought she saw the beginning of the fetal pole. I have another US this coming Friday to make sure everything is still okay. I have had two previous pregnancies that both ended in MC.. I'm pretty detached from this one already. It's hard to stay positive but fingers crossed for good news for you!
  • Hello. I had a scan on Friday at 6 weeks 4 days and there was a shape in my sac with visible heart beat beating away, they said I was only measuring 5 weeks 1 day though which isn't right and doesn't match my dates so I'm going by my own dates till 12 week scan confirms actual date. try not to worry though as it's still very small and tht maybe why I couldn't see anything yet
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